10 Most Haunted Hotels In America

The act of staying in hotels while you’re traveling is generally accepted as a normal thing to do. The ritual of seeking potentially haunted hotels on the off chance of seeing something paranormal– well, that’s a pastime that’s reserved for a clientele with a very specific interest set. Today, the top 10 real haunted hotels across America.

10. Hotel Del Coronado


Love is a universal constant that binds us all together, so much so that when someone severs those ties abruptly, it can have horrific consequences. Kate Morgan, a 24-year-old woman, was supposed to stay at the hotel del Coronado with her lover. They had planned a quiet thanksgiving getaway. This was the 1880s, an idyllic time.

Kate was filled with romance and excitement about her future brimming with potential and possibility.

However, her lover never showed up. Kate was driven mad by her despondency. She was inconsolable, distraught on every level very few ever reach. She eventually ended her life with a shotgun.

It’s said that today, all these years later, she can still be seen wandering the halls of the hotel del Coronado. California has a rich history of ghosts and paranormal events, but kate morgan is one of the most seen apparitions. Visitors at the hotel claim to witness her defiled visage softly weeping late at night. When spotted, she’ll turn around, calling out, as if the viewer is her long-lost lover.

Hopefully, someday she’ll find the person she’s still looking for. God only knows what she’ll do when she does.

9. Lord Baltimore Hotel


The Lord Baltimore Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland has a long history of hauntings. In fact, its legacy of ghostly appearances is so extensive that we couldn’t name them all in one entry, even if we tried. So we’re just going to focus on the specter that lurks on the 19th floor.

There’s a ghost of a young girl that spends all of her time there. It’s said that she wears a red dress, black patent leather shoes and carries a red ball. The urban legend is that the young girl died in one of the elevator shafts in a tragic accident.

A select few individuals have claimed to witness the little girl. However, over the decades, she’s grown shy. She’s been rarely spotted over the last decade or so. These days, visitors of Baltimore are confronted with temperature changes, the sound of small feet running, and elevators that seem to always stop on floor 19.

8. Stanley Hotel


Have you ever read the shining or seen the movie? well, the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado is the hotel that inspired it. Yes, believe it or not, the shining is based on a real hotel with real ghosts.

Stephen king allegedly stayed at the Stanley Hotel with his family. He had trouble sleeping while there. There was something about the place. It spoke to him on a primal level. It spurred darkness deep within him. This fear and unsettled feeling compelled him to start writing. He was driven to produce arguably his masterpiece, based on his time at the Stanley.

Other guests at the hotel have said that they heard pianos playing late into the night, soft laughter, and quiet, murmuring discussions. The hotel even has a few ghosts that are thought to be former employees, so you never know. The bellhop that helps you to your room may or may not still be alive. 

7. Ruebel Hotel


Grafton, Illinois used to be a hotbed of activity. The town was alive with the hustle and bustle of life. People were setting up homes. Businesses were cropping up. Travelers would use the Mississippi River, which the Ruebel hotel is conveniently located directly adjacent to. To put it simply, it was a boom time.

Back in the early 1900s, the Ruebel hotel was the place for the passers-through to stay. It offered much more than just a warm bed. It purportedly supplied a little more than a good time, if you catch our drift. Then the great depression and world war II happened. And the hotel fell on hard times.

Today, it’s been refurbished, reopened, and is serving people from all walks of life. It has a decidedly less seedy ambiance, but it’s still got the ambiance of days gone by. As an added bonus, a young girl named Abigail, who supposedly died there through the great depression, can be seen playing out on the balconies and walking through the halls at night.

Patrons have been known to make friends with her, only to discover from the front desk clerk the next morning that she has been dead for close to 100 years.

6. Emily morgan hotel


Remember The Alamo” is a rallying cry that’s been passed down from generation to generation of Texans. Very few people remember the Emily morgan hotel though, a 177-room neo-gothic building that is home to some of San Antonio’s best ghost stories and most luxurious hospitality.

Before it was a hotel, the property was used as a morgue and a psychiatric ward. Supposedly the third most haunted hotel in the world, the proprietors of the Emily morgan fully embrace their legacy of haunted happenings. They have palm readings, psychic happy hour, and guided ghost tours.

Today, who knows? there’s a possibility of seeing something truly life-changing if you were to opt to stay at the Emily Morgan. You could meet a myriad of spirits who are said to still roam the premises. 

5. The Bourbon Orleans Hotel


The Bourbon Orleans hotel is said to be haunted by not one ghost, but three– the ghost of a confederate soldier, a catholic nun, and a small orphan child.

All three of these people share tragic backstories, untimely deaths, and are now trapped between spiritual planes.

The grief and trauma they endured during their lives serve as a beacon for people across Louisiana. People from all over come to the Bourbon Orleans hotel, attempting to get a glimpse of one or hopefully all three of these undead tenants.

New Orleans obviously has a long and storied history with ghosts and otherworldly spirits. The bourbon was used as an orphanage, medical ward, and convent before being a hotel. It was even used as a clinic during the yellow fever epidemic. Supposedly, numerous victims from this time as well still haunt the premises.

4. Captain Grant’s Inn


Located in Poquetanuck, Connecticut, captain grant’s inn is home to two things– loads of new England spookiness and literal colonial-era ghosts.

The historic building was originally constructed in 1754. If you are attempting to see the wind blowing in the trees, the existential stillness of the northeast and the spiritual remnants from lives snuffed out too short, captain grant’s inn might be the place for you.

Quite a few guests at the inn have supposedly witnessed a woman and two children looming over their beds late at night.

Who is this woman? why were her and her children’s lives taken before their pre-ordained time?

No one knows. But she and her children appear regularly, always together, always somber, always silently calling out for help. Some patrons have even been so startled by this small, untethered family, that they’ve checked out immediately and never returned, which if you’re not there specifically to try and see an undead spirit is the logical course of action.

3. Gadsden hotel


Douglas, Arizona is a small, quiet town. Nestled in its heart is the Gadsden hotel. The hotel appears normal and quaint on the outside.

However, when guests stay there, they are often confronted with unexplained phenomenons. Women often have their hair pulled by invisible forces. TVs randomly turn on and off. And a few guests have claimed to have literally been pinned to their beds by unseen entities.

The hotel manager, Robin Brekhus, swears that she has seen a ghostly cowboy repeatedly. She is so convinced that she even keeps a ghost journal open at the front desk for patrons to transcribe their experiences.

2. The Marshall House


In Savannah, Georgia, there is an old hospital building, which has been renovated and turned into a hotel. It’s said that it’s one of the most haunted buildings in America.

Guests at the marshall have claimed to see spirits walk through walls, faucets turn on and off. Yellow fever patients materialize out of thin air. And weeping children throw themselves off a second-story landing.

The Marshall House is a place that houses great sorrow and psychiatric trauma, as a way station for the terminally Ill. One can only imagine the horrific events that transpired within these walls of the now lovely and rustic hotel. But that’s the nature of all things, isn’t it? to evolve and progress.

The marshall house just seems to have a few remaining spirits lurking through the halls of the building, looking for a way to move on from this dimension to whatever is next.

1. Prospect Hill Bed & Breakfast Inn


This bed and breakfast inn in mountain city, Tennessee is a place that has so much folklore built up around it, that it attracts people from all over the country. Some stay for a few days, some weeks. It has a magnetic pull that many find completely undeniable.

This former civil war veteran’s 1889 country mansion is purportedly home to numerous ghosts. One of them was supposedly a chef, which is why occupants claim to hear the sounds of a fully functional kitchen and smell unexplained scents.

Top 10 Haunted Hotels in the USA

Some guests even claim to have seen a soldier holding a small baby. Doors open and close across the mansion. Despite the seriousness of these numerous paranormal sightings, people from all across the country flock to the prospect in hopes of experiencing something otherworldly.


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