The Personal Side of Manoj Menda: Family, Lifestyle, and Interests

Manoj Menda


In the dynamic world of corporate leadership, Manoj Menda stands out not just for his professional accomplishments but also for the rich tapestry of his personal life. As the Chairman of the Supervisory Board at RMZ Corporation, a prominent player in the real estate industry, Manoj Menda has carved a niche for himself. However, beyond the boardroom, a closer look reveals a man with a thriving family, a distinctive lifestyle, and diverse interests.

Early Years and Family Background

Born on January 7, 1968, Manoj Menda hails from a family where values and principles have always played a pivotal role. His parents, Arjun and Asha Menda, instilled in him the importance of a strong work ethic and a commitment to excellence. Raised alongside his siblings, Raj Menda and Manju Sood, Manoj grew up in an environment that nurtured both ambition and compassion.

Manoj Menda’s Journey in the Corporate World

At the helm of RMZ Corporation stands Manoj Menda, Chairman of the Supervisory Board. Manoj Menda is known for reimagining the future of the workspace industry, around three core principles: Sustainability, Enhancing the overall member experience, and Creating extraordinary value. He plays a pivotal role in the firm’s co-investment partnerships, a crucial element driving RMZ Corporation’s business expansion.

The Chairman’s Personal Milestones

Beyond the corridors of power and business meetings, Manoj Menda celebrates a myriad of personal milestones. His marriage to Anu Menda, the Managing Trustee of RMZ Foundation, adds a layer of synergy to their personal and professional lives. The union of two individuals deeply committed to their respective fields has created a powerhouse couple contributing to both the business and social spheres.

Family Ties and Dynamics

Manoj Menda’s commitment to family is evident in the strong bonds he shares with his wife and children. Married to Anu Menda, the couple has been the driving force behind the success and growth of their family. They are proud parents of two children, Mihir and Aadya Menda, who add joy and vibrancy to their household.

Mihir Menda: Following in His Father’s Footsteps

Mihir Menda, the son of Manoj and Anu Menda, has chosen a path similar to his father. As a Member of the Supervisory Board at RMZ Corporation, Mihir Menda contributes to the family legacy while bringing fresh perspectives to the table. The father-son duo exemplifies a seamless blend of tradition and innovation in the corporate world.

Aadya Menda: The Creative Spirit

On the other hand, Aadya Menda, the daughter of the power couple, embodies the creative spirit within the family. Her pursuits and interests extend beyond the corporate landscape, adding a touch of diversity to the Menda household. Aadya’s endeavors showcase the family’s encouragement of individuality and passion.

Lifestyle and Leisure Pursuits

Despite the demands of a high-profile career, Manoj Menda ensures that his life is not solely defined by boardroom decisions. The Menda family embraces a lifestyle that strikes a balance between work and leisure. Whether it’s cultural events, travel, or engaging in philanthropic activities through RMZ Foundation, the family finds joy in shared experiences.

Anu Menda: A Dynamic Force in her Own Right

Anu Menda, as the Managing Trustee of RMZ Foundation, plays a significant role in shaping the family’s philanthropic endeavors. Her commitment to social causes reflects the Menda family’s dedication to making a positive impact beyond the business realm. Together, Manoj and Anu Menda are not just partners in marriage but also collaborators in creating meaningful change.

Interests Beyond the Boardroom

Manoj Menda’s interests extend beyond the real estate sector. An avid reader and art enthusiast, he finds solace and inspiration in literature and creativity. These personal pursuits provide a well-rounded perspective that contributes to his leadership style and decision-making processes within RMZ Corporation.


In the bustling world of corporate leadership, Manoj Menda’s story goes beyond the confines of business strategies and financial success. It is a narrative that weaves together the threads of family, values, and diverse interests. As the Chairman of the Supervisory Board at RMZ Corporation, Manoj Menda not only shapes the company’s future but also leaves an indelible mark on the lives of those closest to him. His journey underscores the idea that true success encompasses professional achievements and a harmonious blend of personal fulfillment and meaningful connections.

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