6 Top Beauty Trends for 2022

Beauty trends change over time, but beauty is timeless, and nothing is wrong with enhancing the beauty you already have.

Our goal is to help you prepare for the next season by explaining the most recent trends in the world of beauty. It is time to ditch the matte foundation and burgundy lipstick you wore all year round and welcome the pastels, neons, fluffy brows, flushed cheeks, and dewy skin of spring and summer. If you want to look your best for a night out, whether trying for a subtle glam or going all out, take notes and save the best ones to your mood boards.

Bright Eyeshadows

Fun, sun, and bright colors are probably the first things that come to mind when you think of spring and summer. This year’s palette is the best one yet! You can wear subtle pastels or rock a bold makeup look with a smudged line of contrasting hues. It would be lovely to pair either eye look with a neutral lip and pink blush.

Gold, Copper, and Bronze

If you are not a fan of happy and playful colors, there is another option for you. A sun-kissed complexion, especially if it has a copper or bronze shine, is ideal for your daily look. It is not difficult to do and does not take much blending, yet it gives off a huge mood. You can get a dramatic effect with a highly pigmented gold eyeshadow, or you can go for a more subtle effect by applying only light glitter to the eyelids.

Graphic Color Liners

These days, you can even buy liners with designs on them. The bright side is that this style works wonderfully with those eyeshadow tones. Abstract or graphic liners are a fun experiment if you want to be unique and get noticed. It’s time to let your emotions out, ladies! We’re psyched about this and expect to see a lot more of this trend in the future. You should show us how you’ll be rocking this summer’s hottest trend.

Laminated Brows

The eyebrows, indeed, are one of the most important facial features. It significantly influences our everyday routines, and our overall makeup looks. Have you noticed that if you only fill in your brows, you can skip the rest of your makeup and still look fabulous? This style of thick, laminated brows is universally flattering.

Using a brow pomade or wax, brush your brows upward to straighten and extend the hairs, and you’ll have the desired effect. Your brows will have a light, airy appearance after using this. Those with thin or sparse brows may find it more challenging than they anticipated to achieve the full brows look.

Flushed Cheeks

The trend for cheeks is more understated because most beauty trends center on the eyes, and the ones we have discussed make such a strong statement. We expect the blush trend, which has been prominent this year, to continue for the foreseeable future. We are considering a light pink blush to highlight your cheekbones and give you a healthy glow. It is ideal for a warm look and goes with any style.

Long Lashes

Long eyelashes make the eyes look alive. That is why this has been a beauty trend for this year. Some people are blessed with naturally long lashes that only need lifting mascara to show up. While some are blessed to have professionally enhanced lashes that instantly make the eyelash look longer and fuller. Eyelash extensions and lash lifts are some of the eyelash enhancements you can try to ride the trend.

Beauty trends change over time, but beauty is timeless, and nothing is wrong with enhancing the beauty you already have. Contact your trusted aesthetician and stylist to achieve the newest beauty trends in 2022!