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Anxiety and  Mental health 

I know what it wishes to tremble and shake, to be overwhelmed by thoughts as if it were a maelstrom razing whatever sense of comfort and safety you’ve got, regardless of when or where you’re. It’s like your brain goes thousands of miles an hour scenarios and scenes browsing your head in flashes alongside the fear and fear. Thinking of how everything will end up because the world is crumbling around you, trying to unravel this puzzle of reality and grasping for control desperately.

Every noise seems like shock waves that bring our senses to ruins; even a cough or whisper has heard a sort of a loud crack with a powerful dissonance, jarring our minds, even silence is often deafening.

This monster is named anxiety and its roar shakes the very core of a person’s being. what’s even scarier is that the incontrovertible fact that it’s never an equivalent for all people. It’s unique for everybody. it’s terrible when heightened preventing you from taking that one breakthrough regardless of how small the task. Though some things can ease the monster’s roar and that we can remind ourselves that we are here, living, breathing, and existing. That we aren’t caged within the reality our mind is making us believe we are in.

Hold on a touch longer and bear with me, though I’ll not be the simplest at providing comfort in these trying times. I will be able to try my hardest and use whatever knowledge I’ve gained to assist those that are like me and show them that they’re not alone in their suffering and hope that those that have an identical quiet monster like me.

I can help ease their troubled mind and heart even for just a touch. Now remind yourself, of where you’re, immediately and count Five. Five belongings you can see –

  • It is often the sunshine from your room casting long shadows on the walls. Making silhouettes of mountains and valleys spreading across the walls of your room, It’d be the pens and pencils on your desk scattered over a half-written passage on your journal. Maybe your favorite stuffed toy that nearly never leaves your bed expecting you to travel back thereto it also can be your favorite book across space, showing signs aged like yellowing pages and tattered covers, showing what proportion you carried it around with you in your bag reading it whenever you’ll or it is often your hands that are quivering with fear. You’re here, within the present and you’ll be okay.

  • Four belongings you can physically feel. It is often your blanket, its soft and comforting texture enveloping your shoulders, back, and arms. sort of a little makeshift cloak to guard you against the monsters in your head and keep you warm from the coldness of the planet, or it is often the graceful top of your desk. Lay your hand on top of it and feel its stability and flatness ensuring the items you care about never fall on the bottom. It also can be your hair, running your fingers through it, soft and smooth in some places, and sometimes a touch rough too but don’t worry everyone can have bedheads. It also can be your favorite sweater with the sleeves half covering your hands as if hugging them snuggly. you’re here, immediately and you will be okay.

  •  belongings you can hear closely, it is often the wind outside your room sighing because it washes over the surface world, and if you strain just hard enough you’ll hear the leaves gently falling on the bottom. It is often the rain lightly tapping on your window, as if it were checking abreast of you, hoping for your return to the planet and not be trapped within the one your mind has created. It also can be my voice, as if I’m next to you in your solitude. You don’t need to face this alone and I’ll be here until everything that’s not okay seems to be okay.

  • Two things that you simply can smell. attempt to breathe and absorb the scent of the planet before you, it’d be the smell of books both old and new when next to your bookshelf, or it’d be the slight scent of cologne from your desk as you realize you left the cap open, it’d be the stale air that lingers around the house that fails as compared to the breeze that the surface world provides. Breathe, slower and calmer, you’ll be okay.

  • And lastly one. One thing you’ll taste. It is often the dinner you had a touch while ago the memory of it still lingering in your mouth. Remember how warm and nice it had been and the way full you felt. you’re here within the present, existing and living and you’re safe.

Originally posted 2020-07-20 09:50:00.