Are fairies real ? My real encounter with fairy


Are fairies real? “are you a witch or are you a fairy or are you a wife of Michael Cleary?” – I’ve seen them. Fairies, are they just legend and lore, or are these mythical supernatural beings actually real? YES

Are fairies real?

For 100s of years, people pointed to the strange, circular outcropping of mushrooms as mystical fairy rings, portals which the small entities used to travel to and from their world or which they used to power up on energy.

However, this is actually the natural growing process of mycelium, a fungus that grows beneath the ground with its fruit pushing to the surface and becoming the mushroom.

Ring forts around Ireland were also supposed to have been where fairies lurk, but these were just historic forts around the Irish countryside which used their concentric circles for protection 100s and 100s of years ago. Over time, the forts were abandoned, fell to ruin, and became forgotten, disappearing into the landscape as it became buried within the earth and trees sprouted up from the old, dugout circles.

Bridget cleary:

Of course, there’s also the tragic encounter of Bridget cleary who was murdered by her husband, Michael, in 1895. Bridget had taken ill, and Michael became insistent that she, in fact, was not his wife, that she was a fairy changeling, and the fairies had kidnapped Bridget to the fairy realm.

It was a horrific event, but the legends were such a huge part of the culture, and some people took it too far. So what’s the truth about fairies? are they just stories derived from misunderstood forms of nature and forgotten history or are there elements of truth within the tales, perhaps even older than the forgotten ring forts?

Were there real interactions with fairies long, long ago that over time got compounded with legend and lore, making the truth almost completely unrecognizable?

I, for one, believe that these elusive beings may actually exist since I’ve actually had some encounters with things that we may consider to be fairies. My real encounter with the fairy

My real Interactions with a fairy


My first possible interaction with a fairy came at the Kampsville locks in Kampsville, Illinois in 2016, although I had no idea at the time that this may have been a moment with a fairy until later that year. While exploring the locks, this photograph was taken by my ex showing something strange arcing toward me. It’s not a reflection from a flash of a bug since no flash was used. This object would have to be moving faster than the shutter speed.

At that time, we just chalked it up to a big I don’t know. Had no idea what it was.

Goldenrod event:

When we came to the idea that this may be a fairy was when we absolutely saw something fairy-like following the ghost of the goldenrod event later that November. When the event concluded on the goldenrod showboat, there were just three of us left, myself, my ex, and her friend, tara.

Now, we were just in the showroom of the old showboat, the two ladies sitting down and I was standing in the middle. The only light was my flashlight shining back up into the lobby area, and since they had boarded everything up for the winter, there were no other sources of light.

Well, we were just talking when I suddenly saw this translucent yellow ball kind of float down between tara and Shana. Now, I mentioned it very quickly but really didn’t pay it much mind. Maybe it was just a trick of the light or something. We were all looking out there toward the lobby. Now, the first time I saw any sort of ball of light, it whooshed down real quick right there.

But it was just a few minutes later when I suddenly saw this strange bar of light right next to Shana on the floor. So what I first saw after that was that little bar of light on the floor over here, and the flashlight was pointing out that way, straight out to the lobby and it was on the floor, but that little bar of light was angled this way like right here.

So I walked around with Shana over to where it was at to try to figure out where the light was coming from ’cause like I said, the entire boat was boarded up.

So I’m moving my hand to and fro around it to try to break the light, whatever beam of light may be coming down to make the strange bar of light, and it was slightly v-shaped. Little short, I don’t know, about three inches long, slightly v-shaped and it wavered and I was standing here pointing, pointing, pointing, trying to figure out if I could break the beam of light and it wavered and went away.

The girls are looking at me like I was all kinds of strange and weird. They have no idea what I was doing.

Well, then the bar of light does something very strange. It started wavering like this, and then it was gone. So I tried to describe to the women what I had seen ’cause they had no idea what in the world I was doing, and while I was doing that, suddenly, that ball just whooshed around Shana. 

Like a minute later, I saw it whoosh around you. And they still hadn’t seen it. They’d still think I’m off my rocker, but then a moment later, that translucent, yellow ball of light was again in the air and boom, boom, boom, bouncing all over the showroom. They finally saw it and we truly believed that this was some sort of entity that was there with us. Now, tara is a psychic medium, and she was hearing things. When we were saying, wow, you’re fast, she was hearing things like, I know.

None of us had any video left on our cameras from the event that night, but we do have a four-minute audio clip of this interaction that we had with this ball of light dancing around the showroom.

Woman : oh.

Mike: did you see it?

woman : it was over there.

gir: yeah, you saw that too? okay, cool. 

woman: ’cause I was like, I saw something over there.

girl: it was a

woman: what? 

girl: if it was a twinkle, it was a big one.

mike: yeah, it was almost like a ring of light.

woman: yeah.

girl: you guys are picking up the pace. What is going on? where are you?

woman: that was pretty good-sized

mike: that one was in the air.

woman: pretty good size. It looked like it was round.

Well, finally, the last time that I saw it was when it swooped down between tara and Shana and out into the lobby. It whooshed between the two of you and out into the lobby area.

Now, given this amazing interaction with this translucent ball of light and this bar of light which I believe was transformative, I believe that whatever was that translucent ball became that bar of light on the floor, and then became the translucent ball again, but given this interaction and the photo that we saw that summer, were these perhaps water sprites, a type of fairy that lives near the water?

At that time, we also began seeing what we called twinkles throughout the showboat until the boat was, unfortunately, burned in an arson fire.

In a quest to determine if what we had seen were truly fairies, we had to research, but it seemed like every source we uncovered was simply filled with myth and legends and lore and really didn’t tell us anything about actual fairy sightings.

Many resources even described a fairy hierarchy, but what I want to know is who in the world interviewed the fairy to get all this information about the hierarchy of the fairy world? fortunately, I did have another sighting a few years later, but it was a bit different.

Hinsdale house in new york:

It was in the woods behind the haunted Hinsdale house in new york when I also saw what may have been fairies while investigating the property with Meghan Talbert in late September 2019.

When I tell this story, people like to say that these possible fairies were actually fireflies. However, this was the wrong time of year for fireflies. This was late September, and these were blue lights that we saw. Now, blue fireflies do come out in June in some areas around the Carolinas. However, again, this was late September and was up in new york, not down in the Carolinas. So these weren’t fireflies.

When Meghan and I first saw something strange back in the woods behind the Hinsdale house, we had seen way off into the woods this strange ball of blue light, and it was moving a bit between trees, and what was interesting about it was as it moved between the trees, it also would become blurry at times, kind of fade out, and then it would get a little bit brighter and then we could see it clearly, and it was doing this for quite a while. 

Okay, so out in the woods here, and we’re seeing some different lights back over there which may just be some stationary lights on the neighbor’s property. Hard to tell, but then we had that crazy, weird sound in there. We have no idea what it was, but the blue light is kind of dancing around a little bit. – I keep moving to see it. I’m sorry.
Mike: no, it’s okay. – I need to, I’m here, I can see it, but I have to keep kind of swaying to keep my eye on it so that makes me think it’s not completely stationary and it’s flashing.
mike: kind of hovering around the same spot, yeah, and it does flash, yeah. Yeah, I know when I first saw it, it was kind of like blurry a little bit which is kind of weird.

Well, we finished up that part of the investigation and did a regular paranormal investigation down in the haunted Hinsdale house.

We took a break a little while later and went outside in the backyard to stoke up the campfire, and as we’re just sitting there and talking, little blue lights started to come down out of the woods. We saw them come down the path, we saw them in the tree line and they started to come closer and closer to us.

Well, this was absolutely fascinating. So we went out to take a look at the lights, and what was interesting about this is the ones that were up more in the trees were kind of twinkling and moving about while there were several that were on the ground, and what happened when they were on the ground as they would fade in really bright and then slowly fade out.

Mike: Right there on the path, right there on the path. Hi.
meghan: i swear it’s you.
mike: it’s okay, come on. Right there, and that’s where there was a twinkle. All right, that’s right, come on back.

Well, we got out our cameras, we got out our flashlights, and we’re trying to figure out what exactly this is. Of course, the first idea is are these some sort of strange bugs? but we got right down there on the ground looking with our flashlights, there’s no bug, nothing whatsoever.

Mike: I’m so close. I can just, i mean, honestly, i’ve never seen them like this before. Like they’ve just come so close and so many of them. – right.
meghan: i know we might seem really big to you, but we’re not here to harm you.
mike: yeah, we’re trying to be careful.
meghan: oh, right there.
mike: i see it, i see it.
meghan: hi.
mike: hi.
meghan: there’s two.
mike: there’s some times when i see these on the ground like this, it kind of has that blurry effect that i was seeing back then.

We’re trying to capture this stuff with a camera and it was almost impossible to capture these little blue lights on camera. I tried infrared, I tried a regular shot, all different kinds of things to try to get these on camera. I do have a little bit of a blurry image of one, and so we may have actually gotten it. They’re so tiny. They’re so unbelievably bright, geez.

So this went on for quite a while, and what I decided to do was to leave an offering. A lot of people talk about leaving offerings for fairies. Well, we had an apple available to us. So I put an apple out on the path.
Mike: Okay, I’m putting, this is my offering to you. I’m putting an apple down. I’m gonna put it next to you. How about that? and there’s a couple of them. Whoa, I just saw like three of them light upright when I put that down, and there’s a big one back there. Right there, right there.

When we came out there in the morning, which was really strange about the apple is that it was exactly in the same place in which I had left it. It had not moved at all, but yet, something had burrowed into it from the side, took out a large chunk, but looked like it had actually burrowed into it, and then around the apple were all these little shards and pieces of the apple.

Mike: There’s the apple that we left as an offering, and honestly, it does look like somebody taking a bite out of the side of it.
meghan: and that’s exactly where we placed it. mike :that’s exactly where we placed it.
meghan: and it’s that.
mike: it’s nothing big. It’s not like, definitely a deer did not take a bite out of it and leave it there. meghan: i was gonna say, if it was a deer, it would’ve been in a different location.
mike: yeah. Something small ate into it. 
meghan: i was gonna say, it’s like almost not hollowed, but it’s not just a bite and there’s chunks of it around. Like it was, and there’s pieces of it like it was carried off.
mike: and there’s pieces of it over there, yeah. Interesting.

Well, if it was a deer, it would’ve actually taken the apple and walked off with it or if it had taken a bite out of it, it would’ve moved the actual apple. The apple wasn’t moved. If it was a bug that would’ve burrowed into it, we wouldn’t have all these shards of apple around the apple itself.

So it seems like our little blue friends may have taken up the offering. These entities in new york and Illinois were certainly real, and they did seem to have an intelligence about them. Were they fairies? I believe so, but that’s for you to decide.

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