Best 4 Fairy Tales in Croatian Mythology and Folklore

Fairy Tales in Croatian Mythology and Folklore:

We all came to know fairies through pop culture as beautiful gentle creatures also in Fairy Tales in Croatian Mythology. But did you know that in most cases fairies are not so gentle or should be messed with in many cases? This is a true Fairy Tales story in Croatian Mythology and Folklore.

Legend of Sogenitsa in Croatian Mythology

Legend 20of 20Sogenitsa 20in 20Croatian 20Mythology

As it should be we will begin with the fairies that greet us about our arrival to this world in creation mythology these creatures are called Sogenitsa. It is said when a human is born three fairies come to greet him.

  • The first one brings health and beauty.
  • The second one brings wealth and knowledge.
  • The last one will bring a spool full of yarn.

Which he untangles in front of the child. The length of the string will determine the lifespan of the child and so people wanted to appraise Sujanitsa by offering them gifts in the form of gold coins placed under the child’s head and by placing the finest food and drink on the table.

Legend of Hotavala in Croatian Mythology

Legend 20of 20Hotavala 20in 20Croatian 20Mythology

The next fairy we will talk about is called Hotavala. It is a type of ferry that inhabits the forest its main purpose is to keep the natural harmony amongst the trees. She could be easily misplaced by a blackbird. So one must be very careful not to disturb the woodland creatures, especially birds. If you make outta mad or disrespected she will curse you and entangle you with thin threats to appraise the creature one must bring an offering of good food and leave it on top of some crossed branches while shouting.

Legend of Villavodenitza in Croatian Folklore

Legend 20of 20Villavodenitza 20in 20Croatian 20Folklore

The next story is somewhat similar to the tale of a shield and it goes like this. The day before mid-summer 9 or 12 fairies known as Villavodenitza will appear in form of beautiful swans. On that night the fairies will shed their feathers turning into beautiful young women who will dance naked under the moonlight if one manages to steal their feathers he will have the right to marry a fairy but one isn’t advised to do so as humans and immortal spiritual beings don’t belong together.

Legend of Matani in Croatian Folklore

Legend 20of 20Matani 20in 20Croatian 20Folklore

We are traveling to the wonderful island of the kirk. There a legend says that the first inhabitants called Matani led by admiral hardware arrived on the island and found a beautiful fairy. Who was watching over her golden sheep herd. They told her how they wanted to build a city in this magnificent place. And she even picked a place it will be built upon. But she had a simple request for them not to look at her sheep of course they didn’t listen. As soon as they look at her golden sheep the ship turned into white stones. They are to this day covering the entire island of the kirk. Matani built their entire city from the stones and continued living their lives in peace until one day. A fleet of pirates came to the town begging them to bless one of their deceased towns. As soon as they brought the casket the pirates broke it open revealing their weapons and soon slaughtered the entire town. It is said the streams of blood were flowing down to the streets all the way to the sea coloring it red.


That’s it for today. So tell us which one of the Croatian fairies you wouldn’t want to cross paths with the surgeon. He said to determine how her life will be is hot lurking in the forest along with the Villavo denizen. Who danced in the moonlight did a fairy curse an entire town are they real. Or are they simply a fragment of our imagination we will leave that for you to decide what’s. This is the true story of Fairy Tales in Croatian Mythology and Folklore.

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