Croatian Mythology & Folklore: ORKO

Myths and Legends:

From Croatian Mythology & folklore, have you ever heard of a creature known by the name of an oracle? No most similar beings through tradition received various names there are many forms such as Orca, Orjo, Orko, Orso, orbo, Manumark, and Nyorko it is sometimes created from garbage which is why it is also called smedneck or postmate.

Speaking about its appearance and form the following statements are documented. Orko usually shows up at night in the form of a little donkey that grows up or rises very high when you ride it it is commonly depicted as a mule dog, small goat, mouse, or a black sheep.

Traditions say that he finds people returning home from work hanging out with the villagers or just someone walking tired on the road then he often grazes or lies down and pulled the passenger on his back.

It is said that Orko is pleasant to ride so the traveler often falls asleep not even imagining what will happen to him Orko then transforms into a great being and takes the traveler to a very distant place different from the traveler’s desired goal can place them on a bell tower, hill, tree or remote field. Stories say that one can prevent the kidnapping by bristling it with unused lime skin string or even a rosary.

Some of the other ways to protect against the Orko are holy powers blessed grass and it can be killed with a knife that has a white handle and a white cover. According to tradition, he is afraid of dogs that can even tear him apart.

From the small number of traditions that mention the very origin of this being it can be concluded that it originated in the garbage and may arise from the chicken manure that has not been dug up for seven years. When it leaves oracle leaves behind an unpleasant holder or even arises from the stench and eventually turns into a very stinky substance.

There are also mentioned legends where the beliefs about Orko as a demon is spread in some parts of Croatia Orko appears as a giant crossing the road tall as two towers where one foot stands on the hill and the other foot on the other hill. Sometimes he doesn’t even have a head


In Croatian mythology, ORKO was used as a tail for all the people who wanted to get away from their families for a while or for those who wandered in the wrong path or just didn’t want to admit it.

So when you stray from your path and are laid you can blame morocco a stinky mischievous creature for Croatian folklore is ORKO just a myth or reality we leave that for you to decide.

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