Daji most evil spirit of China

Daji has always been portraying as the evil woman that china has ever had. She was the favorite consort of king zhou of Shang.

She was an evil, malevolent fox spirit in Chinese legends also as novels. Novels narrated that daji is that the incarnation of a silvery fox that assumed a person’s form after a thousand years of self-cultivation.

She was summoned by nü wa, the celestial sovereign, to corrupt the di xin, the tyrant of the powerful state of Shang so that his people would eventually rise and overthrow him. Note that within Chinese history, di xin is understood as zhou. within the novels, daji knew her mission was no easy task then, before her departure, nü wa, the celestial highness, promised her an immortal status after her mission was accomplished.

However, consistent with the historical document, daji was the gorgeous daughter of a noble family named su within the state of you su. Daji had wanted to find out the ways of a warrior and perhaps, just maybe, become strong enough to defend her family and therefore the state of su. Unfortunately, there have been no hopes for her dreams.

In 1047 B.C, zhou, the tyrant of Shang, conquered the state of su he took daji as a trophy. Daji’s hope of becoming a warrior was dashed. Her father su hu had given her to king zhou of Shang as an appeasement offer. One night before daji was sent to the capital city of shaogae, she was possessed by an evil nine-tailed fox spirit. When daji arrived in shaogae, she became the middle of the attention of king zhou and caused the king to be extremely hooked into her.

The king was in his sixties, He had been on his throne for forty years. He had been referred to as strong, heroic, oratory, and well versed in music. Under his reign, Shang had become a strong and prosperous state. But of these changes for the worse, the instant daji came into his life. Zhou was a touch known for his infatuated love for ladies. And daji was his bane. during a moment after daji’s arrival, she rose above the ranks from a minor concubine to become the queen supported the king’s favoritism towards her.

King zhou became extremely infatuated with daji and began to neglect state affairs to stay her company. He used any means necessary to integrate himself together with her and to please her.

Daji liked animals, he built her a zoological Xanadu with several rare species animals. Daji also liked singing and dancing, so he ordered artists to compose lewd music and dances to satisfy her musical taste. He gathered 3000 guests at one party to interact in his “pond of alcohol” and “forest of meat” which was cooked meat strips hanging from the wood of trees. He allowed the guests to play a cat and mouse game, with the guests being nude within the forest, just to amuse daji. When a maid of honor and one among king zhou’s concubines, the daughter of lord jiu, couldn’t bear it anymore and protested, king zhou immediately had her executed. As if that wasn’t enough, her aged father was ground in pieces, and his flesh fed to the king vassals.

Daji had eventually become a full-blown brute herself. Her greatest joy was to listen to people cry in physical torment. Once, she saw a farmer walking barefoot on ice and ordered his fleet to stop, so she could study them and find out why they were so immune to cold temperatures. There was another occasion when daji saw a pregnant woman and being interested in what could possibly be inside the protruding belly, she had the pregnant woman’s belly cut open, so it satisfied her curiosity.

In another incident, just to verify an ancient saying that “a good man’s heart has seven apertures”, the evil daji even had the guts of the minister bi gan, (king zhou’s uncle), dug out to her scrutiny. Daji was popularly known for her invention of a way of torture referred to as paolo. The Paola bronze cylinder covered with oil, which was heated sort of a furnace with charcoal beneath until its sides became hot. The victim sentenced to the present painful death method was made to steer on top of the slowly heating cylinder and he was forced to shift his feet to avoid the burning.

The oily surface made it difficult for the victim to take care of his position and balance. If the victim fell into the charcoal, he would be burnt to death. The victim was forced to bop and scream in agony before dying. during a slightly different version, the victim would be tied to the cylinder and baked to death. Daji took great joy within the painful cries of the victims, she and therefore the king laughing in delight all the while the victim suffers in agony.

During the time king zhou was occupied with making himself and daji happy, a particular tribe grew a deep-rooted hatred towards the king and commenced to plot his downfall. The last straw which broke the camel’s back was when boyi Kao, eldest son of Ji Chang, leader of the rebellious zhou tribe, visited the capital. it’s said that he had a romance with daji. therefore the wrathful king zhou had Kao killed and his body grounded. That not being enough, the king made Ji chang drink the soup of his son’s flesh before jailing him. it had been only after many rescue efforts that Ji chang finally was released two years later.

But shortly after his release, Ji chang died, heartbroken by the inhuman way his eldest son died. Twelve years after Ji chang’s death, his youngest son Ji fa launched an attack against Shang to avenge his family. Fortunately for him, the entire kingdom and even neighboring kingdoms had developed even more intense anger and hatred towards the tyrannical king zhou and daji.

This made it easier for Ji fa to realize his goal. even as Ji fa began the attack, the higher armed and invincible army of Shang sided with him and offered him their help. The soldiers betrayed and turned their weapons against their tyrannical ruler, king zhou. Seeing his dynasty doomed, the king committed suicide by setting fire upon himself. Ji fa’s mission was successful, thus, he became the new king. And what about daji? daji, being powerless now, was mercilessly put to death by Ji fa, king of the new dynasty of Zhou, following the recommendation of priest Jiang Zeya.

Jiang Zeya, then exorcised the evil fox spirit, banishing it from the human world. Having been banned from the human realm, daji the fox tried returning to the celestial realm, but she was denied entry. And to her utter shock, nü wa sentenced daji, the fox, to death rather than making her an immortal as she had promised. This was because had been so overexcited by the pleasure of the human world, that she committed several atrocities deemed unacceptable by the celestial beings. Daji had obviously been overzealous in doing what she had been asked to try to do. Daji purchased her crimes by being put to death in both worlds.

This, is that the story of daji.


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