Dream visitation from loved one


Do you think a loved one who has passed away has visited you in a dream? let’s take a look at dream visitations. We dream about many things while we’re asleep and sometimes we actually have a dream about a loved one who’s passed away. But how do we know if that dream is just a dream or if it’s an actual visitation from that loved one? let’s talk about this.

My Real Dream Visitation

A few years ago after both my grandparents have passed away, I had a dream which featured both of them alive and well, but it was completely unexpected.

Now, during this time, I was going through my divorce and there were several things up in the air about the house, the possessions, all that sorts of stuff. And in my dream, I was in that house and it had been a couple years since I’ve actually been inside of it.

And I was cleaning the counters, picking things up, a lot of this sort of stuff. And at this one moment within the dream, I was cleaning the kitchen counter which was like this bar area between the kitchen and the living room. And as I’m going down, going down, going down, all of a sudden, I saw my grandparents in the kitchen.

So I went around the bar and I went up to them, I’m hugging them, oh my gosh, you know, grandma and grandpa, you’re here. You know, how are you guys doing? I kept asking that over and over again. You know, how are you guys doing, you guys doing well? that sort of stuff. And they were both like, yeah, we’re okay, don’t worry about us, we’re fine.

But you, you need to not worry. You need to know that you’re going to be okay, you’re going to get through this, everything is going to be all right. And even though they were trying to comfort me, I was just so happy to see them and again, I kept asking questions about, you know, how are you doing, are you okay, that sort of stuff, and they kept just reassuring me that everything was going to be okay with me.

Now, after I gave them a bunch of big hugs and all that, I noticed my father in another area of the house was packing things up and taking these boxes out to his truck which did end up happening. And after a couple of years, everything settled down, everything ended up going fine with the house.

It just took some time to get through that, but this to me was really a true visitation from my grandparents trying to reassure me that everything was going to be okay even though I was going through all of this stress at that time. 

Now, in a moment, I’ll get into the difference between a dream visitation and just a regular dream, but I do want to state that not every time that you have a passed loved one in your dream is it going to be an actual visitation. I did have maybe about six months almost a year ago another dream which contained my grandparents but this was just a really kind of random, weird dream in which.

I was in the backseat of their car, my grandfather was driving, my grandmother was in the passenger seat and we’re stuck in traffic on the highway. And we’re just kinda slow going, slowly going, kinda, you know, trying to maneuver a little bit and then all of a sudden, when there was finally an opening in the traffic, my grandfather just boom, gunned it.

And, you know, he’s darting in and out of traffic and all that stuff. This was completely unlike my grandfather. He was not the speed demon or anything like that on the highways. So this was just a kinda weird, one-off random dream that contained my grandparents. It was not an actual dream visitation.

How Do We Know?


So how do we know if this is a dream visitation or just a regular dream?

Well, first of all, is there some sort of message for you within this dream? for me with my grandparents visiting me in this dream, there was the message of hey, everything’s going to be okay. We know you’re going through a big mess right now, but it’s all going to work out.

1. Is there a Meaningful Massage?

In fact, within the dream, they were showing me that my father was going to come to help me pack things up and take things away when the time came. In that, I think the cleaning of the house and all that was we’re gonna clean this mess up, we’re gonna get out of here, it’s all going to be okay. So is there a message within the dream from your loved one that would make this an actual visitation?

2. Can you feel their Spiritual Energy?

Secondly, can you feel their presence or their aura? now, when somebody is alive and present with you, you feel their energy near you and when you get to know somebody, you can tell the difference between their energy and the energy of another person. So between different loved ones, you can tell if it’s like your mother’s in the room, your father’s in the room, one of your grandparents, a brother, sister, child, whatever. You can tell that difference in energy.

And even after they pass, you can tell this difference, too. Now, my grandfather passed away before my grandmother and during that time between his passing and her passing, there were times in which he was visiting the family. So he came to my house, visited me. There are other members in the family that say that they also got visits from grandpa and there were times that people witnessed my grandmother speaking with him. So he was around in about basically waiting for my grandmother to pass away and there were just those moments I could walk into a room and be like, grandpa’s here. So I would say hello to my grandfather in those moments when I walked into the room, I could feel his presence.

So even in passing, we still feel that presence of their energy. During the dream visitation, you can feel that, too. So, you know, be on the lookout within that dream. Okay, can I actually feel their presence? is that what I’m feeling here? and in that visitation that I had for my grandparents, yes, I could feel their energy, that this was truly my grandfather and my grandmother here in the dream with me.

3. Trust your instincts

And thirdly, trust your instincts. Sometimes there’s just a real deep sense of knowing that yes, this is your loved one. Sometimes we like to let our brains take over and try to, you know, fight off, well, it may have been, it may not have been, etc. Etc. You know, kinda trying to fight your senses over whether it was really a true visitation or not. And then we do something like, you know, drop $150 or so on a psychic medium just for them to tell us that yes, this was a true visitation when you already knew that it was. You’re trying to get some confirmation. You know, use that $150 on a psychic for, you know, something a little bit more useful. Trust your instincts, if you know this is your loved one, your grandparents, your mother, father, whoever it is, you know it, trust that, you’ve got a visitation.

How Do We Get a Visitation

I also wanted to quickly cover how to get a visitation. Now, I can’t make any promises and I can’t say that I’ve actually made a visitation happen.

But I’ve talked to several people who have had multiple visitations and this is basically what they do in these situations is when they lay down to go to sleep, they put themselves into a meditative state and they concentrate on trying to communicate with that particular loved one with which they’d like to speak with.

Now, this may not happen immediately. It may take some days, some weeks may even take a couple of months for that visitation to happen. Like I said, I can’t make any guarantees here, but during that process, what’s important here is journal your dreams. You should be doing this anyway. I highly recommend a dream journal. But as you’re going through this process of trying to contact your loved one, you may be discovering other things about yourselves so write those down in your journal and keep track of what’s going on. 

Story by –  Mike 

Originally posted 2020-11-07 09:51:00.