Exterior Paint Ideas to Help You Sell Your Home Faster

As a painting company Charlotte, NC contractor, we have learned that when you give your home a repaint when putting it on the market, it helps to sell it faster. This is because your home gets an immediate facelift with a fresh coat of paint on the exterior. 

It invites buyers in and shows you have taken care of your house, and it is ready to move in. Still, the hardest part is choosing the right paint color, as you want the exterior to appeal to buyers. But, it can make a huge difference in the value and ensures it sells fast. 

But what colors will sell your home fast? Let’s find out!

Neutral Remains King

exterior paint ideas to help you sell your home faster
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When homebuyers see your home, they want to envision themselves living in it. That is why neutral shades have a lot to offer, as it is kind to all the senses. In addition, it provides a neutral backdrop allowing buyers to visualize how their belongings fit into the home. 

With neutral colors, it adds some light to the brightness, welcoming in all, and it goes a long way. Whether you have a traditional, ranch, or contemporary-styled home, mix it with beige and gray, known as greige. It is a classic color showing the clean lines to accents of most homes. 

Even a neutral beige on a partial brick exterior looks fabulous. Then add a pop of color on the trim and doors that look inviting. 

Blue is an Excellent Color 

Blue is versatile to use on the exterior of your home. Many of the shades you find tend to move towards gray making it a neutral color. Blue will make your home stand out from the others, and you can choose a navy to light blue exterior. The color works well with a home that is visible from the street or has expansive exterior wall spaces. 

White Complements Any Style 

exterior paint ideas to help you sell your home faster.
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You find white exteriors used in most new builds, even condos, as it complements any style. It gives the exterior a fresh yet clean look and provides buyers with a clean slate to work with. But it helps to choose the right white shade, like a softer one with creamy undertones. Pair it with a black feature, and your home is sold. 

Earth Tones Add Warmth 

Lastly, painting the exterior of your home with taupe or soft browns is another excellent option to sell your house fast. These colors blend in with your natural surroundings and stand out against dark green foliage or a healthy lawn. For many homebuyers, this will be appealing as it creates warmth as the home is set apart from the rest. 

As you can see, the colors we have mentioned are not vibrant, and all of them are inviting to tickle any potential buyer’s sensory palette. But if you still feel unsure and want more advice, then it helps to hire a residential to commercial painter near me to help you choose the right color. 

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