How Pest Control Treats Bed Bugs

How Pest Control Treats Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are one of the most challenging pests to get rid of in the home. So when these critters arrive with you in your luggage, and you start noticing red blotches and itching, the best is to contact pest control Virginia Beach exterminators to help.

The professional pest control provider can use different options starting with an inspection and then getting rid of the bed bugs. Still, deciding which option to choose can become confusing. Here you can find the basics for two methods used by pest management companies.

PMP Whole Room Heat Treatment

With a whole heat room treatment, a pest management professional brings specially designed equipment to help raise the room temperature to help kill these critters. The reason is that bed bugs and eggs cannot withstand temperatures of 118°F up to 122°F for longer than 90 minutes and die.

The expected room temperature using the equipment is between 135°F to 145°F. The exterminators place remote thermometers in the building to reach the right temperature. The technicians keep watching to ensure it gets hot to kill that pest. The treatment can take from 6-8 hours, depending on how severe the areas infected are. 

You will need to remove any heat-sensitive items to pets and plants from the area treated. We recommend discussing the treatment with a professional pest management provider to see what you should remove.

The problem with this type of treatment is that the home can become reinfested if prevention steps are not taken. The pest control provider can apply a residual insecticide to the borders of the room or home treated as a prevention step.

PMP Insecticide Treatment

When conducted thoroughly by a licensed pest control provider, insecticide treatments are effective. You can find three types available to get rid of bed bugs. You can also find different insecticide brands, but using one of the broader categories works best.

Thus pest control providers will choose a fast-acting one on surfaces that humans frequently touch, like the bed, sofas, and more. Alternatively, they can use a residual insecticide placed inside furniture, crevices, cracks, or on underside surfaces, you touch.

Lastly, a dust insecticide can be applied to crevices, voids, cracks, electrical outlets to even baseboards. You may find that some pest control services offer container heat treatments, freezing the infested items, or steam.

The items treated with these control measurements need no insecticide methods. Still, this treatment involves up to three visits from a bed bug control company. The reason is that not all bugs are killed using the initial treatment.

Insecticide treatments take half an hour to two hours a room, depending on the room’s condition and size.

Final Thoughts

Before using any type of remedy, we recommend that the pest control provider you choose provides you with precise lists of instructions to follow on how you should prepare the home for bed bug removal. Furthermore, we do not recommend doing an insecticide treatment yourself and best left to the professionals. The best part is that a pest management professional can handle other infestations and help you with a termite inspection near me. 

Originally posted 2022-10-18 08:54:00.