How to Nail Your Elevator Pitch?

What do you do? It is a relative question that everyone should be able to answer authentic, non-boring, and impactful. Still, there is a problem as you are not confident to talk about what you do and why it matters. Well, we are here to help nail your elevator pitch. A what? Stay a while longer and find out!

What is an Elevator Pitch?

How to Nail Your Elevator Pitch?

Take the following scenario into consideration. You have a virtual office in Calgary, and occasionally you must visit the office space to do work. So you climb on an elevator, and with you is a potential client that can take your business to the next level.

This is where the elevator pitch is important. You only have 30 seconds to showcase your talents and show them what you can offer them, whether you stand in front of that person or contact them via phone.

The elevator pitch will want that person to meet with you at your rented boardroom or meeting place at the building for a second conversation. The pitch you present them with must get them interested in allowing you to give them your contact info or business card or even connect on platforms like LinkedIn.

So, if you want to capture the attention of anyone, the sweet spot for an elevator pitch is ten seconds to one minute, and it needs to be brief, memorable, and leave them wanting to know more.

The Importance of Turning Your Pitch Into a Conversation

Okay, you have one minute to make an impression, so how do you do that if you have a virtual office in a Calgary Business Centre? Before renting a boardroom, you might meet a few people in person or need to get them together over the phone. So, how do you nail that pitch? You turn the pitch into a conversation by making connections and keeping things natural.

Tips For a Perfect Elevator Pitch:

  1. First, grab a pen and paper and write down what describes you best in one line. So, what makes you unique like, “Hi, I’m John; I’m a recovering awkward person or dad entrepreneur.” With this, you create a question-asking opportunity in return.
  2. Next, you want to add more lines like your mission statement or your personal business goals. You can make this as long as you want, like what makes you stand out from the competition. Still, do not overthink it.
  3. Then take all of the above and wrap it up with a question allowing for a call to action. For example, if you have a project management company, you can ask, “What is the biggest project management problem in your company?” Or you can just hand over your business card to connect.
  4. Lastly, add your sparkline to give it a wow moment. These can be highlights that show how unique you are.

All that is left is to edit your pitch, remove the too-long or unclear sentences, and change it to sound natural. Then take that pitch, practice it with family and friends, and change it as needed. Then take your phone and record your pitch to ensure you are not repeating words like hmms and uhs.

It is essential to practice a lot and watch your pitch by video recording it. Another crucial thing is to use confident body language by remaining calm and cheerful. And most importantly, always make eye contact.

Originally posted 2022-11-19 07:27:46.