How to Style Florals

Florals for spring may not be groundbreaking, but like hardy perennials they still manage to surface whenever the weather begins to warm up. Miranda Priestley references aside, florals are a surprisingly versatile print that can be worn year-round. 

With retro designs like 70s flower power and 90s chintz becoming ever more popular, even prints that might have once been considered frumpy or outdated are coming back into vogue. From dresses to accessories, there’s a fresh bunch of ways to style florals.

Prints Charming

For those who love intricate, delicate designs, ditzy, calico or chintz, (from the Hindi “chint”, meaning “speckled”) patterns are all popular (Dainty Jewells has some great examples), as is calico, another Indian design featuring small, delicate blooms. 

Other classic designs include vintage florals (slightly larger in size) or swirling paisley patterns interspersed with drop-shaped elements, but you can also opt for contemporary designs such as bold or abstract prints evocative of watercolor paintings. 

Dressed Up

If you’re in the market for your first floral piece of clothing, you can’t go wrong with a dress. Whether it’s mini, midi or maxi, the key is to keep accessories minimal: a pair of heels is a classic choice. Alternatively, a pair of tough-looking boots can add unexpected contrast.

A popular way to style a floral frock  is to opt for vintage or cottage core style designs that play up the feminine aspects of flower prints, but if you prefer something a little bolder, a flowing maxi dress offers the ideal canvas for abstract or even photorealistic prints.

Suits You

Tailored florals offer an alternative way to style beautiful botanicals, combining the structural details of suiting with organic, nature-inspired patterns. Floral shirts have been a mainstay of fashion for many years and can be an easy way to wear this style if you’re just starting out.

Alternatively, wearing florals on the bottom half of your outfit looks very chic, especially when paired with a solid colored shirt to make the design pop. Finally, an all-over floral co-ord can look especially glamorous when worn with a pair of chunky, seventies-inspired platforms.

Opposites Attract

The concept of clashing prints might sound like a recipe for fashion disaster, but if done purposefully, it can lead to some fabulous outfits. One key aspect you need to make this work is balance: by offsetting a larger floral print with a smaller one, or even matching florals and stripes. 

To tie the look together, make sure both prints share at least one (ideally two) colors. This look is great for those who prefer a more maximalist look, so don’t be afraid to pile on the jewelry: gold, silver or colorful accents like beads can all create just the right balance of contrast and harmony.

It’s In The Details

Accessories can be the perfect way to introduce florals into your wardrobe, especially if you’re wearing them for the first time. Floral hair accessories like crowns or clips add a whimsically romantic feel to any outfit, as do floral corsages.

Another way to accessorize using flowers is with jewelry. Delicate silver or gold metalwork adorned with ornate floral details, vintage-inspired resin earrings designed to look like actual blooms, or even pressed flowers captured inside resin offer fun, beautiful ways to accent your outfit.

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