How to Win at 4 in a Row

Have you played free online multiplayer games? If yes, you might also know about 4 in a row as well. 4 in a row, also known as Connect Four, is an exciting and engaging game of strategy and planning. Playing this game with another person can create intense competition and some seriously intense battles of the mind. With five tricks and tips, you can become a master at playing 4 in a Row.

5 Tricks and Tips to Win at 4 in a Row Game

The following five tips will help you to win at 4 in a Row.

1. Plan Ahead

win at 4 in a row.
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The key to winning at 4 in a Row is planning. Before making your move, you have to visualize the possible moves your opponent could make. Doing this allows you to anticipate countermoves and plan strategies for getting four pieces in a row. Looking two or three steps ahead of your opponent will give you an edge while playing the game.

2. Think About Blocking Your Opponent’s Moves

While planning your next move, it’s important to think about blocking any potential moves that could lead to victory for your opponent. It’s easy to get caught up in trying to win quickly by connecting four pieces in a row yourself; however, it’s just as important (if not more important) to think about how you can prevent your competitor from accomplishing their goal. If you think strategically about blocking their path toward victory, you have already won half the battle! 

3. Create Opportunities for Multiple Paths

When deciding on which piece to play next, try and create opportunities for multiple paths for both players simultaneously. Creating beneficial pathways for both players during each move will help keep the competition balanced and fair. This way neither player feels like they are too far behind or too far ahead of their opponent; thus increasing the chances that either one can still claim victory if they make their moves wisely! 

4. Know When To Take Risks

win at 4 in a row
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Sometimes taking risks is necessary when playing 4 in a row; especially when it seems neither player is going anywhere near winning! Taking risks can help shake things up by providing new opportunities for either side to connect four pieces – even if it means taking serious chances with only one or two spaces left between both sides! Knowing when these risks are worth taking could be the key difference between victory and defeat so take them whenever it seems necessary! 

5. Analyze Your Opponent

Finally, it’s crucial to analyze your opponent to better understand their strategy and anticipate their next moves. Pay attention to the pieces they place, the directions they are trying to form, and the patterns that their moves create. All of this can give you insight into how to best counter their strategy and win the game.


Playing 4 in a Row requires quick thinking, strategic planning, and sometimes even risk-taking! With these 5 tips and tricks, you should now be well equipped with all the knowledge necessary for becoming an excellent player of this classic multiplayer game. So grab your friend (or stranger!) and get ready for some intense battles of wit with 4 In A Row – May the best strategist win!

Originally posted 2022-12-24 08:45:33.