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Today’s topic is the ghost of Japan. Be careful walking alone in the hours of the night japan is full of ganache town and other creatures lurking in the shadowy corner.

I am talking of course about yurei the ghost of the deceased and Yokoi mythical spirits that have been a part of Japanese folklore for centuries. They hunt everything from river ways to misty mountains to city streets. Getting back to the 8th century this spirit first appeared in kojiki which was the earliest record of Japanese mythology.

Kuchisake Oona

kuchisake oona which is a murderous woman with a hellish gaping mouth is a malicious contemporary yurei whose name literally translates to a split-mouth woman.

Legend says when she was alive her husband punished her for the act of adultery by slicing her mouth open from ear to ear. Her ghosts appear as a beautiful young woman wearing a surgical mask holding her sharp weapon like a pair of scissors. She approaches people at night and asks them a question with sinister intentions Watashi kirai or am I beautiful, if you answer “no”, she will kill you instantly. if you say yes she will remove her surgical mask revealing her gruesome mouth with a big smile exposing sharp teeth.

She will ask how about now an encounter with kuchisake oona is a lose-lose situation always resulting in death an answer of now will result in you being dismembered by the ghost say “yes”, she will make you as beautiful as she is by slicing your mouth open from ear to ear. an encounter with the kuchisake onna is a loose situation always resulting in death. So dont stare at a beautiful woman walking alone at night in the street of Japan

Yuki Oona

Yuki oona the deceptive no beauty has ever seen a beautiful woman with snow-white skin and long black hair wandering through the frigid. winter it may be yuki-onna or snowman when she walks alone in snow-covered terrain you won’t find any of the footprints behind her.

The majority of Yuki oona stories originate from Japan’s snowy northern perfection like Omari and Akita in the Tohoku region in some versions. She is a snow vampire who sucks the soul out of the victim in another version she uses her supernatural beauty to lure weak-willed men into the cold then lose them to freeze to death. savage death some say the yuki-onna was a beautiful woman who was murdered in the snow and now does the same to the others as an act of revenge.

Chochin Obake

Chochin obake a mischievous paper lantern ghost this lantern ghost isnt malicious like many other Yokoi, he is just a naughty little trickster who enjoys giving humans a scare will flick its large tongue out rolls its eye, and laughs loudly to frighten passerby.

According to the legends, a regular lantern may turn into a Yokoi after 100 years of use this comes from the ancient Shinto religious beliefs that all objects even animate one household. So don’t visit Shinto temples at night number four the carnivorous spider this seductive spider ghost is based on a real golden or viewer spider that is found all over Japan.

The female of this spider grows to 2.5 centimeters long and can even catch a bird as a prey legend says. When the spider reaches 400 years old she will transform into a gerogumu and developed an appetite for eating young men instead of boring birds and bugs jorogomo is often depicted as a beautiful woman with the leg of his spider surrounding by the skeleton of previous victims they used their alluring human form to seduce young men back to their home trapping them into the web and eating them slowly.

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