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Imagine a picture of a hill surrounded by forests, other smaller hills, and a never-endless sky. it is the quietest and thus the foremost beautiful piece of nature you’ve ever seen. it has been here before people came to the land. But it wasn’t uninhabited. On the contrary.

How they look like :

It was crammed with life. Everyone knows stories about fairies. they’re beautiful magical creatures within the sort of young women. They live longer lives than humans. they’re mostly shown through popular media as women with wings, but fairies actually are available in many forms. a number of them are metamorphs who change their appearance into small animals.

Fairies influence nature so that they are often linked to extreme weather or plentiful crops. But today our main topic isnt just fairies. Our main story revolves around the place they are born.

photo In The heart of Croatian zagorje, you will find a hill called Viljak or roughly translated Fairy hill. The story it holds is said and terrifying at the same time. Once upon a time, there was a birthstone placed on the top of Viljak.
, it wasnt a jewel. It was a seemingly plain stone, but it held the old world’s magic. It is said that this stone never dried out no matter the season. Fairy birthstone stone was always covered with droplets of dew. On the first night of the young moon, fairies would be borne out of the droplets.

The legend says that they werent born alone. A beautiful fairy princess named Zora was the guardian of the birthstone. It was a high honor to be the guardian of their kin but at the same time a very lonely existence. Like a fairy princess, Zora was granted the longest lifespan.

It is said that she was 300 years old when the first man came to Viljak. One day a young man named Jagor got lost in the woods and accidentally ended up at the top of Viljak hill. Not knowing what men are fairies got scared and quickly turned into hundreds of beautiful butterflies right before Jagor’s eyes. All fairies except one. Beautiful Zora stood right by the birthstone and was ready to defend it with her life.

The story says that Jagor and Zora looked into each other’s eyes and immediately fell in love. From that moment on Jagor would spend every single day with Zora, keeping the secret of the birthstone from other men. But their love wasnt meant to be.

Fairies werent born anymore because of the fear of men. Zora’s love for Jagor was so strong she stopped caring about her own kin. One night Mother nature got so angry with Zora she cursed her and turned her into a snake. The next day, Jagor came to Viljak to see Zora, but she was nowhere to be found. He sat on the birthstone crushing the drew droplets. At that moment a snake crawled from underneath the stone. Frightened and disgusted, Jagor suddenly stood up and in his rage crushed the snake’s head with his foot.
 is said that at this moment dark clouds covered the skies Bringing down a hailstorm no one has ever seen. The ice pieces were so big they killed Jagor within minutes, bringing revenge for the murdered fairy princess. With time people inhabited Viljak and fairies disappeared from it, not having their princess to watch over them. 
every now and then they will return with devastating hail, destroying vineyards man had planted there. It is even said that their song can be heard in the nights of the young moon A song followed by vengeful acts.

Real Story of a close encounter 

In the end, you will hear a true story about a man who had a close encounter with fairies. As always the name in the story will be changed.

It was a warm summer evening when David met with his friends. They made some barbecues and play cards until 10:00 p.m After his friends went home David decided to clean the mess they made and watch something on a small TV he had in his vineyard cottage.

He laid on the bench and fell asleep. It was exactly 3:00 p.m. when he was awoken by a strange sound. In the silence of the night, The only thing he heard was a soft song As if the assembly of women were singing somewhere in the forest nearby. It was a soft song, mesmerizing and somehow enchanting. David slowly walked out of his vineyard cottage and out of no reason started following the song.

He later said that it reminded him of the tales about mermaids. As if he was hypnotized, he walked over to the sound, and as he walked closer the song became more distant. Suddenly, the song just stopped and its spell got broke. David looked around and noticed that he was in the pitch of darkness in the middle of the forest.

He didnt know how far he walked or in which direction. Suddenly panic overcame him as the dark clouds started covering the sky.

Out of nowhere, thunder filled the air and heavy rain started falling. Scared of being amongst trees in a thunderstorm, David started walking faster. Within seconds his clothes and hair were soaking wet.

Hours passed by but he couldn’t find his way out of the forest. And the rain’s intensity didnt stop. The only thing he heard from time to time were soft giggles in the distance As if someone was mocking him. Finally, the rain stopped at dawn. Although he was exhausted and shaking cold after hours of wandering through the woods, David finally found his way back and rushed home.

So there you have it. Viljak and vile. Myth or reality? Is it a sad story about love that wasnt meant to be, or an example of some unwritten history? Be sure to stay safe in the nights of the young moon And remember there is always something lurking out there in the darkness Waiting to mesmerize you with their song.


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