Pest Control For Roaches

Pest Control For Roaches

Just thinking of the term roach makes your skin shiver, but it is a common pest in most homes. Unfortunately, getting rid of them is difficult. You might need to take extreme measures and contact a pest control Virginia Beach provider. With a pest management service, you can return your space to normal. But today, we will share some fast ways to help with pest control to get rid of them for good.

First, Know What Roach is in Your Home

There are thousands of cockroach species, but only 69 of these types are found in Virginia Beach. But there are a few common ones that enjoy invading your living space.

  • German roaches breed rapidly, producing eggs hatching up to 40 babies from a single female at a time. The female carries her eggs in pouches until they are ready to hatch. The bug has a light-brown body with two dark parallel stripes from the head to the wings.
  • Brown-banded roaches thrive in dry, warm areas inside electronics like refrigerators and walls. The roach flies do not like water and tend to be dark brown with yellow bands on the abdomen and wings.
  • American roaches are the largest species and have a long life of up to two years. The sewer roach or palmetto bug is brown or even reddish brown with yellow edges.

As you know, roaches are attracted to food sources from starches, greasy food, meats, to sweets. Hence, they easily access dirty dishes, pet food, crumbs, and more. When they enter the home, they look for shelter with food and water, even a clean home.

Getting Rid of Cockroaches

There are a few ways to get rid of roaches using home remedies that, include:

  • Diatomaceous Earth is a natural insecticide that dehydrates roaches when eaten.
  • Baking Soda is another effective natural remedy you can spread over some diced onion as bait. When eaten, it causes gasses making the bug burst.
  • Boric Acid sticks to the pest’s body, and when ingested, it attacks the nervous system.
  • Citrus also works well as it deters roaches, and a few drops of lemon oil in water used to mop the floor helps. The only concern is it does not kill bugs.

Still, there are other conventional methods using glue traps as it helps to identify your problem areas. You can also set bait traps and kill them instantly. While caulk at entryways is adequate to keep roaches out. Lastly, you can use a liquid deterrent concentrate at the local hardware store.

The Best Solution: Hire a Pest Control Professional

The best result to remove roaches from home is with pest management professionals. First, the exterminators know where to locate and remove cockroach infestation without harming the family and pets. Next, the pest controller will inspect to see where the bugs access the home.

Furthermore, they identify the species to provide the best solution to deal with them. Then they develop the first treatment based on their findings. These can include monitoring, baiting, spraying, or trapping the roaches.

You can then expect a follow-up visit after the initial treatment to check the monitors placed and, if needed, do more pest control. The best part is they can even help you with a termite inspection near me if ever you feel you have such a problem.

Originally posted 2022-10-18 09:13:00.