Protecting Your Back Lifting Heavy Weights

Protecting Your Back Lifting Heavy Weights

Strength training has many benefits, but it goes beyond just building muscles. It helps support mental health and grows your confidence while improving your cardiovascular fitness. It can also help protect you from injuries and lessen pain.

Still, when it comes to lifting weights, the critical part to protect is the back, and you need to use the correct muscle control. So, how do you protect your back from lifting heavy during exercises?

Always Warm Up The Body First

Never jump into your workout without warming up the body first. A dynamic warm-up helps the blood flow increasing joint lubrication, so muscles move freely. So, getting your body ready for lifting heavy includes activation to mobility exercises. Thus, you need to do the same movements as during your workout with light or body weight.

Respect Those Weights

Lifting heavy weights does not mean you must not do it properly. Instead, with the lower weight, you can focus on your body and what tells you to know when you can lift heavier. No matter what weight you lift, you must respect the poundage as it remains heavy. So, do not compare yourself with others on social media; lifting heavier can hurt your back.

Get a Gym Buddy

The great thing is when you have a weight loss coach in California. They become your gym buddy. They are your trainer helping you along the way. So, if you plan on lifting heavy weights, get a partner to help. The person can check your movements for alignment and form.

Understand Your Core

Know your core and understand how the muscles engage and stabilize your back to move correctly when lifting weights. The truth is the stiffness you feel comes from the inhale and bracing of the core before each move, like deadlifting or squatting.

But your muscles need to be strong. So building a supported back muscle is not only targeting the back muscles. You need to target other muscles as well. For example, it helps to do unilateral work like single-leg glute bridges as these muscles are weak and need help for support to the back when you lift weights. Visit to learn more.

Other muscles like your deep abdominals are essential, and gradually increasing them helps with lifting.

Always Have a Full-Body Approach

If you feel back pain when lifting, never assume something is wrong with your back. You have many muscles in the back to joints that can impact the back. The truth is a tight hamstring, muscular imbalance, and pelvic positioning can be part of the problem.

But if you have severe back pain while lifting, we recommend you speak to a health professional. The important thing is to warm up and understand your core to concentrate on strengthening all the muscles to support your back.

Originally posted 2022-10-13 07:43:00.