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Stories of haunted castles, graveyards, and mansions have captured the imagination of people and terrified them for generations. Most of these types of stories have been treated with a healthy amount of skepticism. But one of them has remained on people’s radar for decades, thanks in no small part to the victim of the alleged haunting keeping consistent detailed notes of every terrifying thing that happened in his unassuming Pittsburgh home.

Not long after we moved in, we came to the conclusion that it was haunted.

The cursed house

Bob Cranmer lived in the Brownsville Road home for nearly two decades. In his book detailing the alleged curse, he claims the supernatural phenomena that currently plagues the property can be traced back to a Native American massacre by white settlers that took place on the same grounds the house currently stands upon. (demon slayer)

Despite his claims, no evidence of such an occurrence actually exists, and it seems based purely on speculation. Cranmer also claims that the dark energy associated with the house became agitated when the house was first built in 1909.

Cranmer alleges that a contractor cursed the house when the structure’s original owner, H. P. Malick, did not honor a monetary agreement between the two of them. The workman was also supposedly jealous of Malick’s beautiful wife. While the backstory of the house’s curse sounds suspiciously like the type of fiction you’d find in a horror novel or book, there may be something else causing the house’s activity with more, let’s say, peculiar evidence. ( Creepypasta stories )

Illegal surgeries

It is also believed that the Cranmer’s home may have been the site of an untold number of illegal abortions. While there’s obviously no record of clearly illegal activity taking place, there is evidence that Dr. Mahan, Sr., also known as Dr. M, performed many back-room under-the-table terminations in the area in the earlier part of the 20th century.

Cranmer claims he was first tipped off to this revelation by a Catholic intuitive named Connie Valenti, who claimed to be the reincarnated soul of one of the babies who supposedly perished in the home, and that he was brought back to this Earth in a new body to fight the sort of evil that ended his life prematurely.

Too good to be true

Cranmer admits in his book that he should have noticed the red flags almost immediately when he first bought the home. The Brownsville Road home was his dream house, the kind he’d always wanted to live in, but he never expected the house would go up for sale or that he would ever be able to afford it. 

But as luck would have it, the house serendipitous went up for sale the week Bob started looking into the market for a new home as if it had been waiting for him when he finally came looking. To his luck– or misfortune — the homeowners very quickly accepted the first offer Bob threw out when he reached out to them.
It was like, sold! I said, wow! OK.
And just like that, the Cranmer’s had their dream home, and for a price that was surely too good to be true. But what started out as a dream almost immediately turned into a waking nightmare.

When the family first visited the home to take a look at it, one of the Cranmer sons mysteriously disappeared and couldn’t be found anywhere. After searching frantically, the family suddenly found the lost son sitting on the front staircase crying hysterically as if something had been done to him. That was only a small taste of the horror that the Cranmer family would become all too acquainted with after moving into their so-called dream home.

Ghost or Demon

It all started innocently enough. The Cranmer’s would awake some mornings and find their faucets running or the lights somehow being turned on. It seemed like poltergeist activity. But as time went on, the house was getting in more and more disarray, and the unexplained phenomena started crossing over into truly disturbing territory. (ghost whisperer)

The family started noticing strange footsteps walking down the hallway and a ghostly pounding. Worst of all, though, was a substance that appeared to be blood materializing and dripping down the wall. It became so creepy that the family enlisted the aid of Ryan Buell of A&E’s Paranormal State to verify their claims.

And indeed, the paranormal hunter experienced some strange phenomena. While inside the house filming, Buell saw a metal crucifix bend right before his eyes.

Most disturbing, though, was his verification of the plasma dripping down the walls. While some might think it was rust or glue, a forensics team found that the substance was indeed blood mixed with what they described as a flesh-like material.

The Cranmer began to suspect that the presence wasn’t a ghost after all. A ghost is the spirit of a being who was once human. The problems they were having now started to seem like the work of something decidedly non-human, something far more dangerous a demon.

The blue room

Anyone who has seen a haunted house movie knows of the trope wherein the spirit or entity emanates from a particular room in the house, such as the red room in The Haunting of Hill House or room 237 in The Shining. For the Cranmer’s, it was the blue room.

When they bought the house, they were delighted to find a room covered in a strikingly blue wallpaper and complemented by a blue rug. They thought it was beautiful.

The room was initially designated as a bedroom for the children. But one by one, they all left, as none of them ever felt comfortable sleeping in that room. Something about it was off, making anyone who stayed in it for too long uneasy, despite its beauty.

Bob believed that all the supernatural energy that plagued the home came from this one room. It had foreboding and sinister energy associated with it. And locking it up wasn’t going to make it go away. 



As the haunting persisted, Cranmer eventually came to the conclusion that the evil that had been terrorizing his family was the work of an entity known as Molech.

Molech was a shadowy creature whose domain was, sure enough, the blue room. And anyone who passed the blue room after a while would feel the sensation of Molech lunging after them. ( ghost movie )

Molech first made himself known to Cranmer’s grandson. Late one night, the boy was making his way to the first-floor kitchen, and on the way, had to pass the blue room. It was at that moment that Molech appeared before the boy, who began breaking down in tears and anguish. Cranmer says he found his grandson shaking like a leaf, and mumbling over and over to himself,
Monster, the monster will get me.
This was the beginning of Molech’s reign of terror. And after a while, Cranmer got the impression it was simply trying to scare him and his family to drive them crazy. And it very nearly did.

Demonic attack

Molech was powerful enough to leave the confines of the blue room. And he took advantage of this plenty of times. The demonic entity first broke free when Cranmer’s son-in-law saw a shadowy figure standing above one of the Cranmer kids’ beds, watching them as they slept. The son-in-law thought it was his wife.

But when he spoke out to it, the shadow suddenly scampered away into a crawl space in the room. Molech was apparently using those crawl spaces of the house to access other rooms.

Bob Cranmer tried to counter its movements by chanting Bible verses at it, following him wherever he went in an attempt to ward him off.

One morning, after an intense sleepless night of a would-be exorcism, Bob found mysterious scratches all over his neck despite no one having touched him. The insidious entity’s signature was a foul smell that followed him wherever he went in the house.

But its most direct form of aggression manifested itself as violent scratches that appeared on every member of the family. Bob received most of those scratches, but the worst attack happened to his son David, who received a horrifyingly large set of claw marks going right down the middle of his chest.

Bob and his brood lived in the Brownsville Roadhouse for 18 years. They tried everything they could possibly think of to banish Molech from their home, but nothing ever really worked.

Bob’s go-to solution became reading Bible verses out loud whenever Molech became too much. But it didn’t always work.

Bob became so frustrated at times that he would start to just yell obscenities at the entity, especially when it came to threatening his children’s safety.

The family decided to wear metal crosses around their necks at all times. But even this wasn’t enough to stop it. But things only got worse for Bob’s son Bobby. Every night, Bobby’s cross would mysteriously remove itself from around his neck while he slept and, somehow, move around the room. Bob would find it every morning curled up, and with its clasp closed.

This continued for a while until one day, Bobby found the metal cross violently folded in half as if someone had used tools to do so.
Holy intervention

At this point, the constant attacks from Molech became too much for Bob and his family to handle. And it was decided that the Cranmer’s needed divine intervention.

Bob happened to be friends with the former mayor of Pittsburgh, Tom Murphy. And it was Murphy who put Bob in touch with a local bishop.

The bishop, after hearing what the family was going through, proceeded to send several priests to examine the house.

Cranmer hoped this would be a quick fix like calling an exterminator. Unfortunately for him, he was unaware of the long, arduous process of having the Catholic church sanction a real exorcism.

The entire ordeal took two years to come to fruition. And in that time, the Cranmer’s had to endure endless Catholic masses and multiple blessings on the house itself.

Molech didn’t take too well to this new activity, and once retaliated by having blood drip down the stairs after a priest doused the house in holy water.

Possession in question

Bob Cranmer was still living in the house Molech terrorized for 20 years as of 2014. The haunting allegedly reached a fever pitch in the mid-2000s but seemed to subside after the Catholic Church and the crew from the Paranormal States came and visited.

Bob says a new era of peace has descended upon the house and that his grandkids can now comfortably sleep soundly at night there. Bob claims his personal conversion to the Catholic faith, as well as his strategy of playing a DVD of Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ nonstop for six months, assisted in driving Molech out of the home.

In the end, it seems Bob goes this revenge on the entity and drove it insane rather than the other way around.

Was this a hoax

It’s really up to you if you believe what happened was real or not. Were the Cranmer’s fame-seekers, looking to cash in like the Lutz family in The Amityville Horror? Were there rational explanations for everything that occurred in the home?

We may never really know. All we do know is that whatever happened in the house was experienced by everyone who entered it and that professional and spiritual help was eventually brought in to deal with it.

It’s hard to believe that this all began with a Native American burial ground and ended with an endless movie marathon. But it is possible that some sort of energy was affecting Bob and his family.

Maybe it was their lack of faith in a higher power that caused it because it certainly seems like it all began to go away once they opened themselves up to the Church.

Maybe the house was too good to be true, and this was simply the price the family had to pay to live in their dream home, by enduring a nightmare they didn’t understand.

It does beg the question, how far would you go to give your family everything they want? And what price are you willing to pay to protect that dream?

What do you think happened to the Cranmer’s? What was really happening at their home in Pittsburgh? Let us know in the comments below.

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