Real Doppelgangers ghost stories


They look like us, they act like us, and some call them our evil twins. 

What are doppelgangers ? Doppelgangers are real ?

Doppelganger is a german word that essentially means “double walker.” but when we think of doppelgangers, we usually think of a supernatural phenomenon that has created a copy of us, a look-a-like version of us. And in some traditions, this is an evil twin. Doppelgangers celebrity.

Egypt concepts of doppelgangers

Early concepts of doppelgangers actually date back as far as ancient Egypt and their concept that the human soul has seven different parts. The “ka” part of the soul is the life force or spirit, the double of the physical form, according to ancient Egyptian beliefs. And the hieroglyphic representation was of double arms.

Norse Mythology

In Norse mythology, a “vardoger” is a type of phantom predecessor, performing a person’s actions before they even do it.

This type of doppelganger is somewhat like a ghostly version of deja vu in which the spirit mimics the human in their walk, talk, and appearance just before they arrive on the scene, confusing witnesses who could have sworn they just saw the person do the exact same thing, whatever that may have been.

Irish fairy lore

In Irish fairy lore, fairies can kidnap a person to the fairy realm and replace them in our world with a changeling who looks exactly like the person they’ve kidnapped.

In 1895, Michael thought this of Bridget when she became very ill and he eventually took her life thinking he was destroying an evil fairy twin. 

Wolfgang von Goethe

There have been several famous doppelganger sightings over the years, including an interesting case with the famous German poet, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. In his autobiography, “dictung und Wahrheit,” or “poetry and truth,” Goethe recounted a confrontation he once had with his own doppelganger.

While traveling on the road to drusenheim to visit a young woman with whom he was having an affair, he was distressed and lost in his own thoughts. At one point, Goethe glanced up and spotted a man dressed in a gold-trimmed gray suit. But just as quickly as he had looked, the man vanished.

Several years later, while traveling on the same road, the poet realized he was wearing the same gold-trimmed gray suit he had seen on the vanishing man-years beforehand. Goethe was his own doppelganger. Keep that story in mind for later.

Emilie sees: She was a 32-year-old french school teacher in the 19th century. And one day while she was writing on the blackboard in the classroom, her doppelganger appeared right beside her. 13 students in the class witnessed their teacher’s double standing right beside herself, copying each move Emilie made precisely.

The only difference is that the doppelganger wasn’t holding any chalk. During the next school year, the teacher’s double was seen several times. 

The most amazing of these was when 42 students witnessed Emilie working in the school’s garden gathering flowers, yet her double suddenly appeared in a chair before them in the room in which they were sitting. Heads turned to and fro as they saw the teacher sitting in the chair, yet through the window, they saw her working in the garden.

Two of the girls approached the doppelganger in the chair, but they stated they felt a strange resistance in the air. Moments after their attempt, the image of Emilie see in the chair slowly disappeared.


A haunting at 2095: Our friend, meg fisher, had a doppelganger experience at a haunted house she lived in as a child, and writes about it in her upcoming book, “a haunting at 2095,” under the pen name rosella c. Rowe.

One night when meg was a teenager, she woke up to the sound of someone putting away the dishes in the kitchen. She got up, walked to the hallway, and peeked out.

She saw the kitchen lights were on and assumed her mother was awake and putting away the dishes. So meg crept down the hallway into the living room and as she neared the kitchen, her mother walked through the garage door and into the kitchen. She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw meg.

Meg still remembers exactly what her mother was wearing, her favorite jeans, and a teal sweater, and she recalls her mother looking tired and gazing at meg as if she didn’t realize who she was. Meg asked, “mom, what’s wrong?” and her mother suddenly looked panicked.

Meg reached out to touch her and as she did so, her mother suddenly bent backward and then ran off down the hall to her bedroom. Meg ran after her and was astonished because when she got to the bedroom, her mother asleep in bed and wearing her nightgown. Not jeans and a sweater. 

Meg tapped her mother on the side to wake her and when she did wake, she was very tired and asked meg if she was all right. Meg asked her mother if she’d been sleeping long and her mother responded that she had been sick at work, left work early, came home, and had actually been asleep for a couple hours.
So who was the doppelganger that looked like meg’s mother? was it a ghost? some sort of haunting or paranormal activity at the house? or was it something else?
For whatever reason, meg’s moment in time and her mother’s, the version of her mother that was in the kitchen, actually crossed paths. Perhaps, this was an image from the past playing out for meg. And for her mother’s perspective, the one that was in the kitchen, this was actually a glimpse into the future, which could be why she was panicked.

We saw this same type of phenomenon play out with Goethe in that it wasn’t really a doppelganger he saw, but actually, a future version of himself dressed in the gold-trimmed gray suit.

For some reason, his moments in time crossed paths along that road. And for some reason that first time around, he was able to view an older version of himself. Is that also true of the case here with meg and her mother, in that what they actually experienced was actually a quick moment of travel? Creepypasta

Sister Mary Jesus

Another type of doppelganger story that could be an alternative type of supernatural activity involves sister mary Jesus, a Spanish nun in the 1620s. Father Alonzo de Benavides encountered Humanos native American Indians in the new world, in what is now New Mexico, and discovered these native Americans already practiced roman catholic rituals, carried crosses, and knew the catholic invocations in their own tongue.

Since they had never met Spaniards before, this was astonishing to the missionary. He asked them how they came to know these practices, and the jumanos told him they’d been instructed by a woman in blue who had been coming to them for years and taught them this religion in their own language.

When father Alonzo returned to Spain, he reported his findings and discovered their sister mary of Jesus of Agreda who claimed to have traveled to New Spain in spirit to reach out to the native Americans there. Several eyewitness accounts described sister mary falling into trances where she would suddenly become “light as a feather” with just the slightest breeze able to blow her about.

When she would wake, she could recall extremely specific details about the geography she saw and the people she encountered, including the garments they wore. It’s believed her double appeared more than 500 times to native Americans across New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona. And for the last 400 years, there has been an active movement to canonize sister mary as a saint in the roman catholic church.

Although this was certainly a case in which an identical form of sister mary was walking around North America in the 1620s, this wasn’t some sort of spirit mimicking her and it definitely wasn’t an evil twin. What this appears to be is a case of mental projection, physical astral projection if you will, in which Mary was able to project a physical form of herself across the seas to proselytize the new world.

Perhaps, that’s what most of the reported cases of doppelgangers are, time travel incidents or physical projections of the spirit. It’s quite possible that these doubles aren’t paranormal entities trying to copy us, but are actually different kinds of supernatural versions of our own selves.

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