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If you’re one of the lucky ones who never experienced sleep paralysis this story won’t be so scary, except for you who have it’d be an honest idea to skip it. Or does one dare to seem into one among the supernatural explanations?

Today we’ll be talking about Snomori. Well, what are they? Basically, they’re dream harvesters. But the story of their origin may be a bit more interesting. Snomori existed before humans although they, later on, became connected. they’re said to be old creatures that wont to walk the trail between two worlds the realm of gods and on earth. Snomori were created to serve old gods but they were too intelligent and shortly after their creation Snomori became disobedient.

it’s said that God’s banished them from the realm and cursed them to steer the world for all eternity. But one creature wouldn’t be ready to see them and their eternal hunger could only be satisfied by feeding on human dreams. Nightly Snomori would sit back humans and prey on the dreams but in time they realized that nightmares gave them more pleasure and fear gave them the power to be visible if just for a flash.

So to prolong a fear Snomori would paralyze their victims and sitting on the chest and disabled them to breathe. Their victims would then see the complete atrocity of their appearance. Throughout history, these creatures are described as demons, ghosts, succubi, evil fairies, and everyone sort of monsters.

The story of those dream harvesters differs from culture to culture and it’s uncertain if they’re shape-shifters that manifest into someone’s worst visible nightmare. Are they only a product of our imagination? Science things they’re. you’ll certainly search the scientific facts and stories on sleep paralysis and choose for yourself. But people that had an encounter with Snomori believe they’re real. actually so real but they even frighten people to the purpose of them becoming insomniacs. I even have managed to speak to at least one of those witnesses and her story is actually something to believe. For the sake of keeping her identity the name during this story is going to be changed.

It had been a reasonably stressful period of life for Natasha. She lost her job and someone really on the brink of her died. Unable to affect her emotions she just kept all the sadness and anger to herself; bottling them up. Every single night she had difficulties falling asleep and her panic attacks would be unbearable before bedtime; tiring her up such a lot until she would just collapse in her bed. every week glided by before she asked her doctor to offer her something that relaxed her.

On primary night, she took her pills and immediately fell asleep. On a subsequent morning, she finally awakened rested. Few days passed and Natašastarted noticing that her anxiety slowly faded away. But as anxiety faded she started noticing a sense that was there right along but somehow became smaller and not so noticeable. nightly just before she fell asleep Nataša felt as if someone or something watched her from the corner of her room. She distinctively remembers that it had been the night before Sunday when her life became a living nightmare.

Nataša says that she awakened within the middle of the night feeling something climbing onto her bed. She says that she could feel the load pressing down on the mattress and her heart beating faster. She realized that she couldn’t move Although aware that she’s fully awake the sole thing, she could move her eyes. She wanted to scream, run, everything, just to urge away, but she was paralyzed. All of a sudden an equivalent weight she fell climbing onto her bed pressed against her back.

Nataša says that she felt as if some quiet creature sat on her back, and it had been so heavy she couldn’t breathe. But unless its weight, she couldn’t feel anything else; no body-heat, skin contact, nothing. a couple of minutes gone by, but they felt like an eternity. Nataša thought that this was the instant she would die. But a bit like it appeared the pressure slowly disappeared, and she or he once more gained control over her body. She says that she quickly found out and rotated only to note a hideous creature grinning at her from the foot of her bed, but as she turned on the nightlight the creature disappeared.

Months went by before she could nod off without her nightlight on. Her doctor said that she experienced sleep paralysis which may be a common thing with people or handling tons of pressure in their lives.

So, there you’ve got it. Snomori. Creatures that prey on your worst nightmares. Myth or reality? Can these phenomena be explained by science or will it remain reserved for the supernatural? make certain to tuck away tightly before bedtime. It won’t assist you tons, but a minimum of you tried. And remember there’s always something lurking out there, just waiting to frighten you and live off your fear.


Originally posted 2020-08-13 12:11:00.