The 5 Best Vampire stroy

The thing about vampires is that they are hard to identify they appear like people they act like people. and they are often tons more secretive than people. Plus they’ll quite likely never be out during the day. you’ve to stay your eyes peeled to catch one within the act but at that time you’re probably in peril too.

Some folks have managed to ascertain vampires though and tell tales of their exploits. Often they’ll be late-night encounters adding to the mystery and intrigue. Unfortunately, most vampires cannot be caught on camera.

5. Zimbabwe Vampire

A real blood drinker who got caught in the act. No stories from a friend of a friend this, one was literally discovered as he partook in vampiric activities. Plus after he was caught even more blood was found. It all started in the village of sikhiwu. A man who was known to sometimes lose his mind was walking alone when he spotted an elderly woman. Something overcame him and he attacked her with a log. If the attack itself wasn’t enough he was then overcome with a thirst for blood.

He took out a sharp weapon and cut her throat before drinking the blood right there in the street. The man also had a large container with him which he began to fill with some of the blood. Eventually, he was spotted by some concerned citizens who tried to stop him. But at that point, he fled the scene villagers then banded together to attempt to find this vampiric killer and, eventually did. After a hasty manhunt, they were able to find the man restrain him, and bring him to the police.

 Nobody had expected this man to be so bloodthirsty but it seems as though it was something he quite enjoyed. The container he brought to fill with blood should be evidenced enough of that. The man was arrested and has not engaged in bloodsport, since was this a real vampire!

How did he know he was looking for blood, originally it’s possible that he did just experience a mental break and went berserk too. But if he was a vampire I’d be keeping an eye out in the community just in case he managed to turn anyone else. The last thing a village need is a burgeoning class of vampires just look to any classic Transylvanian tale for proof of that.

4. Vampire Squirrels

In the past five years, researchers have managed to capture a fascinating and elusive type of squirrel on camera. Known as the Bornean tufted ground squirrel this fluffy-tailed mammal proves that looks can be deceiving. It has the fluffiest tail of all mammals and really is quite cute.

However, it doesn’t act like you’d expect a squirrel to act. Still, though no other squirrels seem to have the blood-drinking habit, yep these squirrels are vampire squirrels. Or so the legend says,  these squirrels like vampires are very hard to pin down.

The video footage folks have of this mysterious creature is so limited that essentially nothing is known about them. But people have been saying that it wouldn’t be too surprised if they hopped onto a wayward deer and took a quick drink. In fact, the forest-dwelling Dayak hunters say that these squirrels do more than take a sip or two of the red fluid they go straight for the jugular killing the deer.

Once the animal is dead these squirrels eat the internal organs, leaving behind disemboweled deer bodies. “Imagine watching a squirrel take down an entire deer just incredible.”

Local folks claim that they’ve seen just that but there’s no reliable evidence to back these claims up. The squirrels live in the forest of Borneo. 

3. Vampire of Buckinghamshire

Vampires have been terrifying forever and this sighting is proof of that, way back before counting Dracula or even Vlad the impaler there was a vampire sighting in Buckinghamshire. A woman had buried her husband. After he died and was going through a difficult grieving period. Two nights after the burial, she was startled awake there was someone in her room.

The person came closer and closer to her bed and eventually was revealed to be her husband. Sadness and terror overcame her as the husband climbed on top of her with the intent to kill. He put all of his weight on her and she nearly suffocated but somehow she survived.

The next day she petitioned her friends to keep watch as she slept, the husband returned but was scared off by the folk standing guard. After this, the vampire husband was seen all over town attacking people for seemingly no reason.

But nobody seemed to be able to pin him down. The town’s people asked the church for help and the archdeacon wrote to the bishop. His advice digs up the body and burns it. But the archdeacon wasn’t too happy with this strategy as he thought it was disrespectful to the man’s soul.

So instead he had the bishop write a letter of absolution for the man and then pinned it to the vampire’s chest. Somehow this worked the vampire was no longer seen around.

2. Carter Brother’s

New Orleans is rich with occult history, so of course, there are some wicked vampire tales to tell.

Back in the 1930s, two brothers were living in the french quarter. John and Wayne carter had regular jobs and kept to themselves, they didn’t bother anyone and they didn’t cause any trouble. It seemed to everyone’s surprise and terror a young woman came to the police in hysterics. She had just escaped from the carter brother’s apartment. They had been holding her captive and drinking her blood for weeks.

The police took this very seriously and raided the apartment. What they found would make anyone sick to the stomach, inside were four more girls all covered in wounds meant to siphon blood for consumption. After freeing the prisoners the police attempted to arrest the carter brothers. 

When they found the vampiric siblings an insane fight ensued. Apparently, it took eight men to restrain the two brothers. They had been possessed by some otherworldly strength likely that belonging to vampires.

In the investigation that followed it was discovered that the brothers had kidnapped and killed over 14 victims. That’s a fair bit of blood for two brothers who seemed to be a couple of average guys. They were tried found guilty and executed but the story doesn’t end. 

There years down the line another carter died and was to be put in the family tomb. When the vault was opened up the bodies of the brothers were gone. That’s why you gotta burn the vampires burying them is just inviting disaster. Ever since then many people have claimed to see the two brothers skulking about new Orleans.

So add that to your list of paranormal experiences in the city, be careful when you check it off though if you see them, they probably see you too.

1. A CCTV Scare

We mentioned earlier that vampires don’t get picked up on the camera. Well, they don’t have much of a reflection either which is why this video is so confusing to check it out look just keep watching it’s crazy.

The man in black walks right by the gigantic mirror that we just saw reflect someone else and there’s no reflection. But he’s still picked up on CCTV! how does that work what’s going on here you have to wonder why a vampire would be shopping at a retail store during the day too?

There are so many things to consider here but very few satisfying answers. Makes you think about all the times, you might have walked right by a vampire not even known it.

The footage was too interesting to give up the rest of the vampires are eyewitness accounts you know because of vampires but this one seems to defy logic and follow it at the same time. Is it just a cool camera trick maybe a glitch in the matrix. tell me how you think this happened?


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