The Best Living Room Colors on Trend for 2023

As a painting company in Charlotte, NC, here at Century Painting, we have already been asked what the best living room color will be on trend for 2023. Of course, the short answer is blue, green, and gray, popular living room colors. Still, new data shows some other bolder choices are making their way into the living room space.  

The Ultimate Decoration Color Green

Green remains a popular color for 2023, especially when subtly blended with other natural tones using terracotta and timer. But if you prefer a more dramatic look, you can use vibrant greens on the walls with some soft green armchairs to sofas as added accessories. 

Gray Remains Versatile 

Gray forms an ideal base in your living room to expand your color palette. Painting the walls gray, you can add other undertones like blues or grays. Or add warmer undertones like terracotta to burgundy to contrast the shade, bringing warmth into your living space. 

Blue For a More Natural World 

the best living room colors on trend for 2023
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With blue inside your living room, you get a calming, tranquil color ideal for deep thinking and introspection. The best part is if you do work from home, it is a great color scheme if you need to concentrate. 

Alternatively, you can go for the teal shade, which has more warmth than your light to mid-blues. Finally, add some burnt orange or even red hues to the mix. The best part is the color is ideal if you decorate your place with antiques, as it works well with traditional woods like mahogany and walnut. 

Go Bold With Black 

While decorating your living room with black does take some consideration, using a matt black leaning towards graphite gray or mixed up with some blue is an excellent option. 

White For The Country Living Room

The color white remains an excellent option to decorate any living room with a color palette, as it fits in with most shades. In addition, you can introduce warm elements like painted wood or place an off-white carpet to make the color stand out. 

Moving Away From Neutrals With Cream

Okay, you do not need to use a plain cream, but it works well as a base to build your other colors as it goes with anything. Or, you can use beige instead, which is a warm neutral color and remains a fabulous choice. 

Yellow To Make Your Place Cheerful 

the best living room colors on trend for 2023.
photo credt – freepik

The color yellow brings sunshine into any dull space. It is a versatile color, as you can find cooler variants available. You can add undertones of green for a fresh to citrusy look. Add some wooden furniture with a stone fireplace and a wool carpet. 

These colors will be on trend to paint your living room in the coming year. The best part is that these colors work well in a commercial setting. So, suppose you are looking for a residential or commercial painter near me. Make sure to give us a call to start decorating your place.

Originally posted 2023-01-03 09:08:33.