The Importance of Proper Technique: A Guide to Advancement in Surfing Lessons

Are you ready to take your surfing to the next level? Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced surfer, proper technique is critical to advancing in the sport. In this guide, we’ll discuss the importance of proper technique in surfing and offer tips for finding the best surf schools in Oahu to help you improve.

Mastering the Basics

a guide to advancement in surfing lessons.
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Learning to surf can be a thrilling experience, but it can also be frustrating if you’re not making progress. That’s why mastering the basics is crucial for advancement. The most important thing to focus on when starting is the proper pop-up technique. This is the move you make to get up on your board, and it’s essential for catching waves and staying upright.

Once you’ve mastered the pop-up, the next step is to focus on proper positioning and balance. This will help you catch more waves and ride them with greater control. To improve your positioning and balance, focus on keeping your weight centered on the board and keeping your eyes on the horizon.

4 Tips for Finding the Right Surf School

The following four tips will help you find the right surf school:

Tip # 1. Look for a Variety of Lesson Options:

When finding the right surf school, it’s important to look for a school that offers a variety of lesson options. This will ensure that you can progress at your own pace and always have new challenges to work towards. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced surfer, a school that offers a range of lesson options will be able to cater to your needs and help you improve your skills.

Tip # 2. Small Class Sizes:

Another important factor to consider when looking for a surf school is the size of the classes. Look for a school that offers small class sizes. This will ensure that you get plenty of one-on-one instruction and that the instructor can give you the attention you need to improve. Small class sizes also mean that the instructor can give you personalized feedback and help you work on your technique.

Tip # 3. Look for Experienced Instructors:

a guide to advancement in surfing lessons
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It’s important to find a school that has experienced and qualified instructors. Look for a school that has instructors who are certified by the International Surfing Association (ISA) or the World Surf League (WSL). These certifications ensure that the instructors have the knowledge and experience necessary to teach surfing safely and effectively.

Tip # 4. Check for Equipment and Safety Measures:

Before enrolling, check if the school provides equipment and safety measures. This can include surfboards, wetsuits, and safety gear like helmets and leashes. Also, ensure they have a good safety record and follow all the protocols and guidelines set by the local authorities.


Proper technique is essential for advancement in surfing, and finding the right surf school in Oahu can help you achieve your goals. By mastering the basics, such as proper pop-up technique and positioning and balance, and finding a school that offers a variety of lesson options, you can take your surfing to the next level. With the right instruction and practice, you’ll be riding waves like a pro in no time. To learn more about surf lessons, you can visit

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