Top 5 Island Ghost

We all remember telling ghost stories as children. Spooking one another with tall tales that are passed down from our parents who learned them from their parents. Whoever around the world numerous legends are hailing from islands. Deserted land long has been forgotten or islands. So small we barely knew they existed. Today I’m getting to be counting down our list of the highest five scary horror island urban legends.

Fire Island lighthouse

The Fire Island lighthouse may be a landmark on the good south bay in NY off the coast of Long Island. The lighthouse is a component of the hearth island light station, which contains the sunshine keepers quarters, villains building, containing. The present lighthouse may be a 180 feet (ca. 55 m) stone tower that began operation all the way back in 1858. The lighthouse is often accessed by the general public with tours being available.

However, you’ll not want to go after hearing about the legend. That’s said to surround it legend has it that, when the hearth island lighthouse was being rebuilt the keeper at the time Nathaniel Smith, and his family were living nearby during the development. However, when smith’s daughter became ill it ported Leigh took around three days for medical care to succeed in her. By that time it had been too late, legend goes that as you climb the 182 steps to the highest of the lighthouse you’ll still hear Nathaniel smith moaning for his lost daughter. And once you reach the very top of the lighthouse, you’ll hear his footsteps on the steps climbing up closer and closer towards you.

The white lady Hawaii

According to those that have grown up in Hawaii the story of the white lady is told to almost every child growing up within the state. It’s said that the white lady is often within the sort of Madame Pele. The goddess of fireside or maybe an unknown woman checking out her long-lost love. Now while Pele assumes Marriott forms, she is probably best referred to as well as most feared for taking you on the form of a lady with long white hair, appearing sometimes disheveled polished and sometimes elderly and sometimes young. She said to roam from island to island hitching rides are posing for cigarettes. The latter of which she will light with a mere snap of her fingers.

She has been spotted on highway 30 in Hana Palani wandering between the tropical plantation and therefore, the hilly golf links entrance. It’s been said that if you drive this stretch of road you’ll encounter the lady in white. Some have stopped to supply her a ride together with her oftentimes accepting and riding within the backseat of the car. In one, particular story the driving force asks the lady where she goes noting her ghostly appearance.

However, he chalks up to the complete moon of the shadows of the trees, he does notice though that the white lady looks almost transparent as he uses her within the car mirror. However, when he turns around to ask her where she would really like to travel she has vanished into nothingness. Others have reported seeing her dancing in red at the foot of volcanoes, it’s believed that she asks for favors to check the kindness of strangers, and failing to try to these favors for the white lady may end in catastrophic events, and even heartache.

Ogami islands

The Fukushima islands contain various smaller islands including Maya Kadima city, Akima island, irabu island, karma island, myaaku islands, Chameau island, and in fact ogami islands. Ogami Island is found a quarter-hour by boat to the north of Maya KO island. And when viewed from Miyako, the island is seemingly floating during a sea of blue, it’s also referred to as the island of the gods. And has been a spiritual place amongst the Miyako Islands. It is a tiny peek of land with only a couple of dozen residents inhabiting it.

Legend says that mysterious happenings occur on the island and when it had been reported that the treasure of the good 17th-century pirate Kidd could be hidden and one amongst the caves on the island. Hordes of individuals descended to the land in hopes of discovering it Kidd also referred to as Kidd was a Scottish sailor. Who was tried and executed for piracy after coming back from a voyage to the Indian Ocean? Believe the child had left buried treasure spread like wildfire, leading to this popular urban legend.

The 1701 broadside song captain Kidd’s farewell to the seas or the famous pirates laments list I quote, “200 bars of gold and rick’s dollars manifold we seized uncontrolled mother.” He really did bury treasure on ogami island is unknown, but it’s confirmed that he did bury a little cache of treasure on Gardiner’s Island, during a spot referred to as a cherry field. It had been removed by governor Belmont and sent to England to be used as evidence against kids. So if you continue to wish to go to ogami island to search for this treasure by all means. However, do not forget the strange goings-on within the spiritual legend surrounding the place.

Oshima island

The land of the dead Oshima island, it’s an inhabited volcanic island within the easily lago within the Philippine Sea off the coast of Honshu Japan. On the island, you’ll find the ton Jimbo cliffs in northern Fukui prefecture. They’re an ancient rock formation dating back to an eruption around 12 to 13 million years ago. The cliffs around a little peninsula protruding out into the water and are a well-liked tourist attraction. However, there’s a spooky legend surrounding the world with well-known scenic spot nits and Jimbo cliffs, supposedly transporting folks to the land of the dead.

It’s said that if you switch around counterclockwise while on the bridge nearing tangier boat cliffs, you’ll fall under this ghostly world. The bodies of suicide victims who have thrown themselves from the cliffs will often ruin on the shore of a Shima island and this superstition may have stemmed from the assumption within the wandering ghosts of those victims. It’s said that the planet of the dead is the reverse of our world so turning counterclockwise during a place so on the brink of death could spell the top for all folks.

Prince Edward Island

The flaming ghost ship an Edward island. Edward island also mentioned as PEI may be a province in Canada one amongst the three Maritime Provinces not only is it the littlest province in Canada but it’s also the foremost densely populated. Now it’s said that residents of Pei are not strangers to ghost stories and legends with the island being home to a number of the scariest tales of unpredictable waters, ghostly ships, and sea monsters lurking beneath the depths of the oceans. The folklore has spread like wildfire through the province with the stories becoming their legacy.

Saying that the foremost famous legend to emerge from the island is the flaming go ships dating back to 1786 people have reported sightings of a schooner on Northumberland strait with its mass ablaze. The stories ran rampant to the purpose that the flaming ship began to crop up in novels, newspapers, travel books, and even academic journals. And quickly became one of Canada’s most famous ghost story, back in 1917 saw a ship on the horizon with white sails and crew members climbing up the masts as they attempted to flee the flames on the ship. It’s said that sailors jumped into a rowboat and ORD out as quickly as they might rescue the ship’s crew as they have the boat vanished.

Now, there’s little discussion on where the boat comes from with folks mostly fixated on its appearance and flaming masts. Legends say that the ship is blown in on a northeastern wind, and there is an omen that a storm is coming.