Top 7 Portrait Photography Tips Every Photographer Should Know

G’day, cobber photographers! You’re onto a bonza of a city, Paris, a dazzling jewel in the crown for
portrait photography. This bold mix of culture, architecture, and light in Amour practically hands you
a magic box overflowing with snagging marvellous portraits. Hooked? Fair go, mate! Here&’a list of
the top seven Portrait photography paris tips that every snapper in Paris could do with. Let’s sink our
teeth into these priceless insights from the city’s essence.

1. Harnessing the Parisian Light

First, let’s have a butcher’s at the splendour of Paris’s natural beauty and magnificent light. That soft
and almost clear Parisian light is what photographers’ dreams are made of. The trick is to bag a good
shot during the golden hour, which comes around an hour after dawn and an hour before dusk or
make good use of an overcast day’s silver undertones. Either way, it automatically adds drama and a
sombre mood to your photos.

2. Snapping the Architectural Splendour

Paris is like a grand mosaic of exquisite façades, historic spans, and iconic wonders, giving you a
cracker panoramic view. So, be sure to make the most of them! Put your subject against the
backdrop of the Eiffel Tower or the Gothic spires of Notre Dame to capture a genuinely Parisian
portrait. Balance is essential, as it harmonises the subject and grand background.

3. Capturing the True Blue Parisian Spirit

Each city has a soul, and the city of love is no different. To land the iconic Parisian portrait,
encourage your model to channel their inner Parisian vibes and laid-back coolness. Just a hint of that
carefree look and effortless style makes all the difference. There you have it, a portrait that screams

4. Nailing the Art of Composition

The city of love is synonymous with art. Use the rule of thirds when planning the position of your
subject, or play around with symmetry by utilising the city’s arrangements and shapes. Let your inner
artist run riot and carve memorable portraits onto your digital canvas.

5. Employ Natural Props

Use natural props like the blooming flowers in Jardins du Luxembourg or the rustling autumn leaves
near the Seine to add depth and character to your portraits. They help tell the tale, making the
picture come alive.

6. Ace Techniques for Indoor Shots

Put some elbow grease into sharpening your skills for indoor clicks. Paris brags classic, bohemian-
themed cafes. Grab a nice shot of your muse in these timeless nooks and let the portraits unfold the
narrative of Parisian culture.

7. Give Respect

Remember, making a photo isn’t just about the kit and commands; it’s about interacting with
people. Respect your model and set a relaxed atmosphere. This Respect gives way to candid
expressions, bringing out the raw emotions that beam through your photos.

Wrapping up,

With all its stunning beauty, the city of love, Paris, gifts each snapper a canvas for capturing breath-
taking portraits that tell stories, dripping with emotion and voicing the Parisian spirit. These handy
tips will guide you and arm your creativity. As a portrait photographer, embrace these points,
scribble them onto your heart and let Paris unveil many possibilities and narratives for the artist in

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned hand, remember snapping in Paris is more than just a
sensational shoot; it’s soaking in life through the lens, bottling the essence, and painting a memory
that snugly fits into the heart for an eternity.

From the lovely Parisian light to wielding architectural magnificence, from channelling the Parisian
spirit to nailing the composition, here’s your fool proof guide to making every click count and
capturing simply bewitching portraits.

Champing at the bit to kick-start your Parisian photography adventure? As the French say, “Bon
Courage” (Go for it, mate!) on this striking journey. Catch you in Paris!

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