Top Reasons Why You Should Consider a Design-Build Delivery Method

Top Reasons Why You Should Consider a Design-Build Delivery Method

Design-build makes up 40% of commercial construction, and there is a good reason for that. Compared to the design-bid-build delivery methods or choosing pre-selected construction management, the design-build delivery method brings design and construction together as one team to you.

For you, this has a considerable advantage compared to dealing with a construction manager with no contractual relationship with the designer or builder. So why use a design-build delivery method? Well, for one, it provides you with loads of benefits.

You Get a Unified Teamwork

As the owner of a commercial renovation or remodeling project, you are synchronized with the design-build team. You both have the same goal to complete the task to exceed your expectations.

Hence, at the beginning of the design process, you find the design-build team established. Even when a project encounters problems, pointing fingers is not an option. The design-build team is accountable for the one single contract with you.

So, if challenges happen during the design, the budget, and construction, everyone looks at the design-build team for answers as they work together to provide solutions. 

One Teams Responsible For The Whole Project

The design-build team takes responsibility for the design’s quality, how it looks, costs, and construction will be completed. When the team creates the building for construction, you get more attention to detail with your budget, estimate updates, and design reviews.

You have all the costs of the project included during the process, like the design fees, construction costs to market condition forecasts. When the design updates, the design-builder keeps you informed. Hence, you can frequently evaluate to see if added scopes are needed or rethink your current situation.

So, you get results with satisfaction throughout your commercial project.

Continuous Workflow

With a design-build delivery method, you have a team available from the start to the completion of the project. So, you get efficiency with effectiveness throughout the process. In addition, you have clear communication through all channels. Hence, you have a streamlined process throughout the design to the initial construction. Thus, you have a project leader leading the design team and moving it to the construction point.

You Get Expertise in One Team

The design-build team is an established team as they think like designers and builders licensed to design with the experience you need to get your commercial project off the ground. So, you get a team with construction experience at the design phase to check the critical points. Hence, the team will have experience building systems and general construction partnerships with reliable subcontractors.

You Have Professional Guidance

You can read different stories online to see that design & construction projects get out of hand. However, with a design-build delivery method, you can prevent this from happening. The design-builder is your trusted advisor throughout the design to construction phases, guiding you with the necessary information.

You Are Involved With The Entire Process

You will be involved in the project to reach the goals giving you a sense of pride. In addition, you can hand-select qualified designers to subcontractors compared to design-bid-build. You do not have the service of low bidders who underperform, not having your best interest. You see all the bids and pricing and are informed about alternatives keeping the target budget.

Collaboration With Frequent Communication

Where designers and contractors have separate agreements with construction-manager-at-risk models, there is also no partnership between them, but with a design-build, all of this is removed. So, you have one contract with the design-builder and still retain control over your project while the team collaborates from the start to the completion.

The best part is the costs are transparent, allowing you to make real-time decisions from the design to the construction phase. You have no hidden fees or need to wait until issues arise with the budget. With transparent communication, you hear what is required as you get clear communication with defined budgets and remain the key decision-maker for the whole project.

It Saves You Loads of Time

Remaining on a commercial construction schedule is crucial to have a successful project. You can manage different timelines with design-build to get to the final step. Hence, the method creates opportunities for you regarding the design decision, asking questions, real-time feedback, and making decisions that impact the schedule goals.

You have all the stakeholders around one table from start to finish. The best part is the design-build teams are adaptive while responsive during the entire process. You can revisit big decisions without added costs to time delays with changing orders due to design oversights or even gaps in a plan to specs you see in a design-bid-build to construction manager-at-risk model.

You Save Money

Design-build delivery methods provide cost savings, and your projects are completed faster without needing to change orders. However, you need to spend money on separate designers to construction firms to get your project up and running.

As you can see, here are several reasons you should invest in a design-build delivery method for your renovation to new construction projects.

Originally posted 2022-10-25 14:16:00.