What Is a Brow Wax and Tint?

The ideal brow shape is included in eyebrow waxing and tinting before applying the semi-permanent dye. The result is brows that are more pronounced, dramatic, and structured and endure far longer than the previously listed alternatives.

For instance, eyebrow tinting can make brows look fuller, younger, and fresher.

And keep in mind that it is not a matter of going really dark or extremely light. Instead, the tinting should complement your skin tone and bring out your natural coloring.

Brow Wax and Tint at Parlor Beauty Bar

Brow Waxing

a brow wax and tint...
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Your brows accentuate your features and frame your face. Waxing your brows is a quick, gentle, and long-lasting technique to define the form of your brows. Because this procedure only takes a few minutes, walk-ins are welcome; however, scheduling an appointment with us is always recommended to avoid disappointment. 

Unwanted brow hair grows back after a few weeks, and with repeated treatments, it gets thinner, weaker, and lighter. Our team of brow professionals will work to ensure that your brows are symmetrical, defined, and enhanced. 

Before your treatment, we will consult with you to ensure they fit your brow goals. We finish your treatment by using a calming gel that helps calm the skin and lessen the redness.

Brow Tinting

Brow tinting may be the solution if you are tired of filling in your brows every day. To enhance, shape, and define your brows, semi-permanent dye is applied through tinting. By darkening and enhancing the brows, brow tinting gives the impression that they are thicker, fuller, and darker. 

Our brow tinting service is created for sensitive skin and works on all skin types, tones, and hair colors. Your brows will be long-lasting, time-saving, and have minimal maintenance thanks to the efforts of our brow specialists. Depending on hair growth and how often you wash your face, our tints can last up to 6 weeks until they naturally fade away.

What are the Benefits of Brow Waxing and Tinting?

a brow wax and tint.
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We have covered a few advantages of simple and safe waxing and tinting approaches for maintaining your brows below.

  • Waxing and tinting are incredibly fast, easy, and comfortable.
  • Since waxing encourages more controlled hair growth, your brows will eventually develop naturally into the form you choose.
  • Your brows will have a fantastic, precise form after being waxed.
  • The eyebrows look thicker, more symmetrical, and more defined when the tint is applied after waxing.
  • This procedure’s effects are visible immediately, giving you a fuller, more defined appearance as soon as you leave the salon.
  • Waxing your brows removes the hair from the roots, which means the regrowth will be slower. The simple process of wax and tint produces long-lasting effects. You can achieve smudge-proof results with the tinting method, which eliminates the necessity for filling in.
  • Depending on your skin type and hair cycle, the results of a professional waxing and tinting job might last anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks.

How often should you Tint your Brows?


Depending on how quickly your brows develop, our brow tints can last up to 6 weeks. Quick touch-ups are a necessary component of the tinting procedure because the color will progressively fade, and your brow hairs will naturally fall out and regrow at the end of their growth cycle. Regular brow tinting ensures that your brows remain uniform in color and shape throughout time. If your natural brow hair is fair and light, a darker tint gives the appearance of darker, fuller brows and adds structure to thinner ends. 

Parlor Beauty Bar’s tinting process also draws attention to all the finer hairs you might not normally see. Click here to learn more.Tinting is ideal for brows with scant hair and if you want to make them appear thicker without using pricey long-term treatments or laboriously brushing individual hairs in with a slanted brush. With tinting, you may frame and raise your face, brighten your eyes, and draw attention to the natural beauty of your brow line.