What is Muscle Confusion?

What is Muscle Confusion?

Are you also confused with all the fitness trends and fads? Don’t worry. You are not the only one getting confused. The muscles can also get confused, known as muscle confusion. It happens when you gear up your workout as it helps prevent a plateau.

Still, it is not a scientific term as it is not found in any research journal. Neither do you find personal trainers or a weight loss coach in California wholeheartedly believing in it. Why? As it is a myth used in marketing for popular fitness programs. But what is the theory behind muscle confusion?

Muscle Confusion Theory

When you hear muscle confusion for the first time, it sounds convincing. Why? Because to progress to reach a fitness goal, you keep your body guessing. Meaning you change your workout routines frequently not to hit a plateau.

So, different programs relying on muscle confusion advise you to vary your training every other day. While others recommend, you need to switch up your routine daily. When you change things, the body does not remain the same and adapts to change.

Still, this theory has a problem, as your body does not change that fast. So yes, changing up your workout routine helps but only with time. That is why most workout programs must remain the same for about four to six weeks.

So, Is Muscle Confusion Only a Hype or Real? 

When you look at other fitness theories that are grounded in science, then muscle confusion is hype. Why? The reason is that the body adapts to get leaner and stronger when you train. So, you want to remain consistent with your exercise for the body to work harder to adjust. Great, but how do you break your fitness plateau?

Suppose you’re stuck in a rut with your training and hit a plateau. There are some ways to break through it. But you first need to identify if it is a plateau or not. For instance, when you work with a weight loss coach and your weight loss does not budge, or you have not become stronger. Then you need to change things up. One thing you can do is to follow the progressive overload.

Using Progressive Overload

Progressive overload allows you to challenge the muscles by changing the stress placed on them. Hence, it all comes down to the intensity of the exercise or the number of sets of repetitions performed. So, you can:

  • Increase the weight during your strength training days
  • You can increase your duration with cardio workouts
  • Or you can change your exercise with a new one by doing indoor cycling classes instead of running on a treadmill
  • Change the sets performed or the number of repetitions adding more resistance

Making slight changes helps increase your strength. But if you have a weight loss plateau, then tracking foods for a few days can help to know what you’re lacking.

When Should You Call In a Weight Loss Coach?

There is no wrong or right time to invest in a weight loss coach, but if you want to get started, it can help motivate you to reach your goals. In addition, with a fitness coach by your side, they can help customize new exercises to use in your weight loss program. Visit https://thevipfitness.com/packages/ to learn more.

They will help you with proper form and boost you to be motivated and focused. The bottom line is muscle confusion is hype and will keep circulating in specific fitness circles. But one theory remains: you need to stay consistent with your training.

Originally posted 2022-10-14 17:43:00.