Why You Should Use a Hair Turban After Swimming To Protect Your Hair

Did you know that swimming is one of the best exercises for overall health and wellness? However, when it comes to your hair, the pool can be your biggest enemy. Chlorine can cause damage to your hair, making it dry, brittle, and prone to breakage. To ensure that your hair is kept safe after a swim, here are 6 reasons you should use a hair turban.

6 Reasons To Protect Your Hair with a Hair Turban After Swimming

The following six reasons will show you why using a hair turban is the best way to protect your hair after swimming.

Reason # 1. Keeps Moisture In:

use a hair turban after swimming to protect your hair.
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A good quality turban will help keep the moisture in your hair after swimming. The material is usually made with absorbent fabrics such as microfiber or terry cloth, which helps lock in hydration while keeping chlorine out. This will reduce split ends and other forms of damage caused by exposure to chlorine.

Reason # 2. Prevents Tangles:

Wet hair is more susceptible to tangling and knotting up due to its weakened state. A turban will help prevent this from happening by keeping your strands together and neat while they are drying off. This will cut down on time spent detangling knots in the shower afterward!

Reason # 3. Creates Volume:

Since a turban keeps all of your strands together, it helps create volume at the roots of your hair as it dries off. This can help you achieve that beachy look without having to put in too much effort!

Reason # 4. No More Frizz:

Don’t let Frizz ruin your perfect hair day! Humidity can wreak havoc on even the strongest and healthiest of locks, but rough towel-drying is one common culprit that leaves strands looking worse for wear. Try using a turban to retain moisture in cuticles while drying off; this will result in softer and more lustrous tresses with fewer flyaways!

Reason # 5. Perfect For Those With Color-Treated Hair:

use a hair turban after swimming to protect your hair
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If you have color-treated hair, then using a turban is essential! The chlorine found in pools can strip away a color from dyed locks, leaving them looking duller than before the swim session started. Using a turban will protect your color from bleaching out over time so you can maintain vibrant tresses for more extended periods! 

Reason # 6. Keeps Your Hair in Place:

Finally, using a hair turban will help keep your hairstyle in place after swimming. Whether you are working with curls, waves, or a sleek ‘do – a turban will ensure that your strands stay put and ready for the day ahead.


Taking care of our hair should be the top priority for all females out there who want healthy-looking locks! A good quality microfiber or terry cloth turban is perfect for keeping moisture locked in post-swim sessions while preventing tangles, creating volume, and reducing frizz—especially if you have color-treated hair! Treat yourself with an extra layer of protection and grab yourself one today—you won’t regret it! Visit https://www.georgehaircare.com/ to learn more.

Originally posted 2023-01-19 11:09:00.